Beachcomber Potteries

Founded in 1952, Beachcomber Potteries was located in Covina, California. They only marked their products with foil labels, and are therefore difficult to identify. One distinguishing characteristic is their use of translucent clay, which gives their TV lamps an inner glow. Some labels say Beachcomber's California rather than Beachcomber Potteries.

Beachcomber Rooster value:  rarity:
This rooster from Beachcomber Potteries is perhaps their most skillfully designed TV lamp. Photos courtesy of Linda Buchanan of Newbury Park, CA.
Beachcomber Rooster From the back one can see the unusual light openings.
Beachcomber Rooster There's nothing more picturesque than sunrise on the farm!
Beachcomber Fan An atypical, but attractive, design by Beachcomber Potteries. Photo courtesy of Tina Jo and Billy "Wild Bill" Bowman of Wills Point, Texas.
Beachcomber's TV lamp value:  rarity:
Beachcomber's made this distinctive geometric TV lamp out of the translucent pottery that they favored. Photos courtesy of an eBay seller from Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
Beachcomber's TV lamp Here she is all lit up!
Beachcomber's TV lamp Now a back view. The Beachcomber's foil label is visible.
Beachcombers TV lamp value:  rarity:
The folks at Beachcomber Pottery were fond of using translucent clay and iridescent glazes, and this shell features both.
Beachcombers TV lamp Back view.
Beachcombers TV lamp The only way to identify most Beachcombers lamps, a surprising number of them still have this foil label.
Beachcombers TV lamp The translucent clay transforms the lamp when it's lit!
Accordion TV lamp value:  rarity:
This accordion TV lamp is rare, and has been known to generate frenzied bidding the few times it's been at auction. The same lamp with "Lawrence Welk" emblazoned on it is particularly valuable.
back view Back view of the accordion TV lamp. The glaze is beige in color with a mother-of-pearl finish.
Lawrence Welk TV lamp value:  rarity:
This Lawrence Welk accordion TV lamp is possibly more coveted by collectors than any other, bringing $$$ at auction. Many thanks to Mike and Cindy of Bakersfield, California for the photos!
Beachcomber Potteries label The Beachcomber Potteries label is on the side of the Lawrence Welk lamp.
Lawrence Welk TV lamp Back view.
Ship value:  rarity:
The label on this ship says "Beachcomber's California".
back Back-view.
Beachcombers Clown TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Beachcomber Potteries had a great design in this clown TV lamp, made with translucent clay and finished with a mother-of-pearl glaze. Photos courtesy of Eloy Lores from Northern California.
Beachcombers Clown TV Lamp Side view, revealing the switch near the base.
Beachcombers Clown TV Lamp Back-view.
Beachcombers Clown TV Lamp It makes a great presentation when lit!
Beachcombers Fish TV Lamp This Beachcomber's fish brandishes the lustrous glaze that the company is known for, and also features an open eye similar to the Leland Claes designs. Photos courtesy of Michael & Crystal from An Acquiring Mind Antiques.
Beachcombers Fish TV Lamp Back view.
Beachcombers Fish TV Lamp The translucent clay used by Beachcomber's is particularly effective on their TV lamps.
Beachcombers Fish TV Lamp Foil Beachcomber's label as found on the fish lamp.

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