A.N. Brooks LTD

While little is known about Brooks, they were undoubtedly a "multi-media" manufacturer, as their marking has been found on pieces done in plaster, pottery and plastic. They were based out of Chicago, Illinois, and their labels typically read: A.N. Brooks LTD. Merchandise Mart.

A.N. Brooks TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This is without a doubt the most frequently found A.N. Brooks TV lamp. It has an unusual "flocked" finish, which is a felt-like material, probably sprayed on, that's a bit like the texture of old "Hush Puppies" shoes...remember those? Photos courtesy of Steve & Kathy from Red Oak, Iowa.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp This view shows the top and back of the Brooks Cocker Spaniel TV lamp.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp Inside the Spaniel is the Brooks marking, with a foil label for good measure.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp Such a lovable face.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp "C'mon boy, play dead!"
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp value:  rarity:
If the Brooks single cocker spaniel lamp didn't trip your trigger, you could always upgrade to this 3-dog beauty! Photos courtesy of Jim from Wisconsin.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp Back view of the 3-dog TV lamp.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp Brooks followed the beat of a different drummer, and this is clearly seen in this design. The openings, front and sides, dissipated heat and made for a nice glow of light.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp The A.N. Brooks label.

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