I find the products of the Torrance, California-based pottery Cal-Style all the time, particularly ashtrays, lazy susans and various types of serving dishes.  So why does no one seem to know anything about this pottery?!  Cal-Style could be tied to California Originals, but that's just conjecture based on the similarity of products and their common Torrance, CA. location.  I'm on the hunt for info.

Cal-Style TV lamp value:  rarity:
This beautifully sculpted pheasant from Cal-Style is one of the few TV lamps I've seen that can definitely be attributed to the California maker. Photos courtesy of Ron from Caldwell, Idaho.
Cal-Style TV lamp Back view.
Cal-Style TV lamp Cal-Style's pheasant is marked, Cal. Style. U.S.A. L-200 E-41020.
Cal-Style TV lamp value:  rarity:
At first glance, Cal-Style's swan looks somewhat like the one by Maddux of Calif., but it actually has a lot more detail. Photos courtesy of Debbie from Sharon, Pennsylvania.
Cal-Style TV lamp Back view.  It is marked, Cal. Style U.S.A. L-202 E-4.
Cal-Style TV lamp The swan has a faux wood grain finish that is reminiscent of that used by other California potteries, including Treasure Craft and Maddux.
Cal-Style TV lamp One more look.

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