Haeger Potteries

Founded in 1871, the prolific Dundee, Illinois ceramics manufacturer Haeger Potteries has produced just about every type of pottery imaginable, including a wide variety of spectacular TV lamps. "Royal Haeger" was a line of art pottery made by Haeger Potteries, the name intended to evoke an air of royalty for the upscale designs. It is often said that the name of their ceramic designer Royal Hickman was applied to the Royal Haeger brand, but the name was actually conceived prior to Hickman's involvement. His employment with the company ceased in 1944, although a back-log of his designs, particularly lamps, were introduced into the line well into the '50s. While numerous distinguished designers have worked with the company, Royal Hickman left an indelible impression on the manufacturer and its products. All their products came to be known as Royal Haeger, and they are still producing art pottery under that name today. The company is a rare survivor of the competitive ceramics business, and is still a vital family owned operation. While plentiful, Haeger pieces often go unrecognized, as they made extensive use fragile paper or foil labels.

Royal Haeger Ram value:  rarity:
This is Haeger's 6200 Gazelle TV lamp, an attractive Hickman design.
Royal Haeger label On the back is what's left of the Royal Haeger label.
Royal Haeger Ram Same as above in green. Photo courtesy of Maria Kitchen, Arlington Heights, IL
Royal Haeger Impala value:  rarity:
Displaying the same lean form as the lamps above, this one wears a beautiful glaze of green over brown. Photo courtesy of Linda Buchanan, Newbury Park, CA.
Royal Haeger Deer value:  rarity:
A beautifully elegant Royal Haeger deer. Photo courtesy of Maria Kitchen, Arlington Heights, Illinois.
Royal Haeger Deer Here's another of the Haeger deer lamps, this time in chartreuse.
Royal Haeger Deer Back view.
Royal Haeger horses value:  rarity:
Strongly influenced by the art-deco movement that was prominent in the '30s, this Royal Haeger horse-head TV lamp is a beautiful design.
Royal Haeger Deer and Fawn value:  rarity:
A small Royal Haeger TV lamp with a fiberglass shade.
Royal Haeger TV lamp value:  rarity:
This vase-like Haeger lamp was called the 5353 Petal Louvre, and was made in several colors. While it has slits in the side, most of the light is directed to the ceiling.
Haeger Panther value:  rarity:
Haeger's 6051 TV Panther is smaller than most, the total length being under 13 inches.
Haeger mark Some of the products of Haeger Potteries pre-dated the Royal Haeger line, as attested by this panther, marked simply "Haeger".
Haeger Panther Here is an example of Haeger's panther with a turquoise base and the fiberglass shade behind it. Photo courtesy of anonymous from Arvada, Colorado.
Royal Haeger Boxer value:  rarity:
This boxer rests in front of an unusual 2-tiered background. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Royal Haeger Bull value:  rarity:
What a great design! This Royal Haeger bull is rare, and a real beauty. This one isn't a Royal Hickman design, but was instead designed in 1955 by Eric Olsen. Photos courtesy of Ron Parrish, Paducah, KY.
Royal Haeger Bull Another view of the Royal Haeger Bull. While a pure, bright red like this is a rare color (Called Haeger Red by the company), mounting one of their figurines on wood to make a TV lamp was a common practice at Haeger. Examining the back of this lamp shows the modern-style metal fixture often used by Haeger, rather than the bakelite seen on many other TV lamps.
Haeger abstraction value:  rarity:
This peculiar design from Haeger Potteries shares little with their other TV lamps. Rather than using the more typical method of casting, this one appears to have been pressed, a technique more typically employed in the production of ashtrays.
Haeger abstraction Same as the lamp above, this one with the green glaze that Haeger favored. The foil Royal Haeger label is also present. Photos courtesy of Robin in Princeton, Indiana.
Haeger abstraction A look at the back reveals what appears to be the pressed method of manufacture.
Royal Haeger Greyhound value:  rarity:
This graceful Royal Haeger 6202 Greyhound was lovingly sculpted, its flowing shape echoed in the curves of the base.
Haeger Fish w/shade value:  rarity:
This distinctive Royal Haeger fish is poised in front of a fiberglass shade. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
back view It might look odd, but the upside-down fixture visible on the back of the Haeger fish TV lamp is a clever design, allowing for easy access to the on/off switch.
Haeger Fish w/shade Most often found in the color seen above, this gray with green drip glaze is unusual.
back view Back view of the gray Haeger fish.
Haeger Fish value:  rarity:
One of my favorite Haeger designs, the 6140 Sailfish TV Lamp.
back view Back view of the Haeger fish TV lamp.
Haeger Angelfish value:  rarity:
This Haeger 6322 Ocean Fantasy TV lamp has the distinction of being unusual for two significant reasons. The red glaze (A true red, not maroon) is extremely rare, and the size... it's 21½" tall! Photos courtesy of Dave Heatherly of Granger, Indiana.
Here's the back of this tremendous angelfish lamp!
I've been able to confirm that this is indeed a Royal Hickman design produced by Royal Haeger. Many thanks to Carole Christensen for the attribution!
value:  rarity:
Haeger sold this beauty as both a figural planter and as a TV lamp. Photos courtesy of Martha from Greencastle, IN.
This picture shows the electrics fitted to Haeger's rooster. Haeger Potteries, perhaps more than any other maker, liked to "convert" existing designs to use as TV lamps rather than create TV lamp-specific pieces.
value:  rarity:
I just love this Royal Haeger Girl and Fawn! It has a crazy sort of art-deco/nouveau quality, and was also made as a table lamp. Photos courtesy of Joe and Roberta Mariner from Northern California.
Back view of the "deer and nude" TV lamp.
The small diameter of parts of the lamp make it very prone to for hidden repairs on these!
While missing the Haeger label, the UL label is still present.
Haeger Horse TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This dynamic entry to the Royal Haeger TV lamp line is the 6044 Prancing Horse. Photos courtesy of Marilyn from Illinois.
Haeger Horse TV Lamp It never ceases to amaze me how many Haeger lamps still have the foil label present!
Haeger Horse TV Lamp The electrics were placed in a planter-like area in the back.
Haeger Horse TV Lamp This is the same Haeger design as above, this one in chartreuse.
Haeger Horse TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger Deer TV Lamp value:  rarity:
I wouldn't have guessed this one to be a Haeger design, but then I saw this example wearing the Royal Haeger label. It's one of those designs, popular at Haeger, that could be sold as either a table lamp or TV lamp. Photos courtesy of George Martin of Little Valley, NY.
Haeger Deer TV Lamp Close-up of the foil Royal Haeger label.
Haeger Deer TV Lamp Same Haeger design, this one in brown. Photo courtesy of George Martin of Little Valley, NY.
Haeger Deer Planter/TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This lovely Haeger planter/lamp was also sold as a planter only. Was produced in several colors.
Haeger Deer Planter/TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger Deer Planter/TV Lamp In this view one can see how Haeger could take certain planter designs and easily add a fixture to convert them to TV lamps.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
One of the most original, and attractive, designs to come from Haeger Potteries. It was sold as both a figurative planter and a TV lamp. Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Hagerstown, Maryland.
Haeger TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger TV Lamp From above you can see the fixture place in the planter area.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This deco-styled Haeger Centaur with Bow has the look of an early design, perhaps '53 or so. Photos courtesy of Barbara from Chipley, Florida.
Haeger TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger TV Lamp On the bottom is the remnant of a paper label.
Haeger Fish value:  rarity:
My pal Carole Christensen confirmed my suspicion that this lamp is indeed a Haeger product. Thanks Carole! This example has a curious "uncleanable" dullness to the finish, possibly the result of someone scouring it with an abrasive cleanser.
back view A look at the back of the Haeger fish TV lamp.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Now this is a TV lamp, folks! The woman, hanging onto a rather large fish, poses spectacularly from behind a seashell. At 19" tall, this one would have dwarfed most televisions of the day. Haeger also made it in a table lamp version. Photos courtesy of Char Korcz, Carpentersville, Illinois.
Haeger TV Lamp Here's a look at the back of the "nude with fish" TV lamp.
Haeger TV Lamp The fixture is mounted in the shell, and highlights the woman beautifully.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Looking more than a little menacing, the design of this Haeger Deer reveals a strong Egyptian influence. Photos courtesy of Karin from New England.
Haeger TV Lamp Our deer is framed by two planter areas.
Haeger TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This distinctive offering from Haeger Potteries is often said to represent an Egyptian Princess. Photos courtesy of a donation from Sedro Woolley, Washington.
Haeger TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger TV Lamp She makes for quite a display when lit!
Haeger Fish TV Lamp value:  rarity:
A more contemporary style than was typically employed at Haeger, this 6377 Sun Fish TV lamp is extremely rare. Photos courtesy of eBay seller adams1959.
Haeger Fish TV Lamp Close up.
Haeger Fish TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger Fish TV Lamp The fish bears the typical foil Haeger label.
Haeger Fish TV Lamp Looking swell!
Haeger Peacock TV Lamp value:  rarity:
The Haeger peacock TV lamp is a nice design, and found in several colors. Photos courtesy of Diana Harpel-Harvey from Brilliant Sun House of Glass.
Haeger Peacock TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger Peacock TV Lamp Close-up of the pretty peacock.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This one is a real prize. Called the R1239 Bronco T.V. Planter in the Haeger catalogs, it is rare and extremely valuable. The basic design was first used by Haeger in the early '40s, and it was sold in both figurine and table lamp versions before this TV lamp variation was introduced. Photos courtesy of Hugh Mosher, Toronto.
Haeger TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger TV Lamp This angle shows the holes that accommodated the socket mounting and and on/off switch, absent from this example.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Haeger called this lamp the 6264 Rectangular TV on Iron Stand, an uninteresting title applied to a fabulous mid-century creation. While a secondary element to the over-all design, the front is embellished with a leaping nude. An extremely rare lamp. Photos courtesy of Michael in Columbus, Ohio.
Haeger TV Lamp back view.
Haeger TV Lamp A view from the underside, the ceramic part having been removed from the metal base.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
The Royal Haeger comedy-tragedy TV lamp proved quite popular, and is highly collectible today. A variation of it was also the basis for Kissner Industries "Tri-Wonder" lamp. Photo courtesy of Becky Kortjohn.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This "Woman and Deer" lamp by Haeger Potteries is a beauty, and extremely rare.
Haeger TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This Haeger three-bird TV lamp is boldly stylistic in a way that few other makers would have dared produce. Gorgeous!

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