Jarra Ceramics

Jarra Ceramics is a manufacturer known for...well, er... for making a really neat Sea Horse TV lamp! I haven't seen any other products by this company, TV lamp or otherwise, and I don't know of anyone else that has either. It is extremely unlikely that this is the makers only design, but given how clearly this example is marked it's hard to imagine why other Jarra items haven't surfaced.

Jarra Ceramics Seahorse value:  rarity:
A first (and last) for TV lamps, this "Sea Horse" is unusual to say the least. A creature from Roman mythology, the Sea Horse, or "Hippocampus", was the preferred mount of the God Neptune, and appeared in paintings in the lost city of Pompeii. (But I suspect that lamp buyers in the 50's weren't hep to all that stuff) Also found in maroon.
Jarra Ceramics Seahorse Back view of the Jarra Seahorse.
Jarra Ceramics mark Jarra Ceramics clearly marked these TV lamps on the bottom.
Jarra Ceramics TV Lamp This maroon/red shade is another color found on Jarra's seahorse. Photos courtesy of Char Korcz from Carpentersville, Illinois.
Jarra Ceramics TV Lamp Back view.
Jarra Ceramics TV Lamp This one is in an attractive mustard-yellow shade. Photo courtesy of Rachael Victoria Adams of Nouveau Motley.

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