LeBow of California

I've been able to find little information regarding LeBow of California. LeBow products aren't found too often, but all the designs I'm familiar with are of the highest quality. The various LeBow TV lamps seem to conform to a common design, their size and basic form being the same. The primary differences between them are in the animal portrayed and the glaze. Does anyone have information on this manufacturer?

LeBow Horse value:  rarity:
This LeBow Horse TV lamp is an attractive, graceful design. Photos courtesy of Brenda Osler from Nebraska.
LeBow Horse The back of this horse is marked "LeBow of Calif".
LeBow Rooster value:  rarity:
Featuring a design that is very similar to the horse seen above, this fighting cock TV lamp is rose colored with a white drip glaze. This small lamp isn't found often, and is a nice addition to any collection.
LeBow Rooster Back view of the LeBow rooster.
LeBow Marking Here's a better look at the LeBow marking found on the back of the rooster.
LeBow TV Lamp value:  rarity:
LeBow jumped into the panther lamp arena with this particularly animated design. Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Kansas.
LeBow TV Lamp From this angle one can see the planter area that was common to most all LeBow lamps.
LeBow TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Most LeBow of California TV lamps share a common template, but this one is a definite departure!
LeBow TV Lamp Here's the LeBow label on the fighting panthers.

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