Treasure Craft

Treasure Craft got started in 1945 marketing pottery produced by various Southern California potteries, but the company began making their own wares in the early '50s. Besides the facility in Compton, California, Treasure Craft also had a plant in Hawaii for several years, and Hawaiian/Polynesian motifs are evident on many of their products. They often used a stained finish that gave a wood-like appearance, and are also known for their elf figurines, called "sprites", that are similar to the pixies made popular by Gilner Potteries. TV lamps were never a major part of production, and examples are rare. The firm, founded by Alfred A. Levin, was a family concern until '88, when it was sold to the Pfaltzgraff Company of York, Pennsylvania. Manufacturing ceased in '95, when production was shifted to other countries.

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Treasure Craft's horse TV lamp is a seldom-seen piece. It is adorned with the woodgrain look that was favored by the company. Photos courtesy of a seller in Renton, WA.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp Back view of the Treasure Craft TV lamp.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp On the bottom we can see the foil Treasure Craft label.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Again using the faux-woodgrain look, this Treasure Craft TV lamp was a popular one.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp Back view. This one has been separated from its electrical components.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp The Treasure Craft label can still be found on the base of this example.
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This Treasure Craft TV lamp is rare in any color, but the bright red glaze is extraordinary! The metallic content of red glazes made them difficult to fire at high temperatures, so any TV lamp found in a brilliant red (not to be confused with maroon shades) are quite valuable. Photos courtesy of Maureen from Lincoln, California.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp This shot shows the back of the red Treasure Craft lamp.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Using the faux-wood finish that Treasure Craft used so often, this fanciful fish TV lamp is similar to one produced by Gilner Potteries. Photos courtesy of Diane from Ohio.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp Back view.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp Treasure Craft included a planter area for their fish.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp While unmarked, this is clearly a Treasure Craft design. One can see where the foil label was once attached.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Treasure Craft put a unique spin on their version of the comedy-tragedy theme. Photo courtesy of Janet from Seabeck, Washington.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Betcha haven't seen one of these! This elf TV lamp from Treasure Craft is definitely different, and at 14" tall it's big, too. Photos courtesy of Micahel from Whittier, North Carolina.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp Back view of the Treasure Craft elf. The fixture is missing on this example, but it was clearly held an inverted socket. A foil Treasure Craft label is on the bottom.

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