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Mid-Century Snapshots
I've just posted the new page, Mid-Century Snapshots, TV in the Home, a nostalgic look at the '50s and '60s. I have not "cleaned up" the photos, so they appear in their original state and current condition, be it faded, over/under exposed, tilted, etc. These were not professional photos, and I felt it was more appropriate to leave them alone. At the risk of being repetitive, I'd love to add some of your old family photos to the page! (that include the television, of course)

tvlamps.net goes to Hollywood:
As close as I'll ever get to being on the silver screen...
The Art Department of the DreamWorks film Disturbia has acquired a Maddux of California Mallard Duck TV lamp from The TV Lamp Store!  Providing the footage doesn't wind up on the cutting-room floor, our intrepid mallard just might appear in the film, which is slated for an August 2007 release.  Maybe I should get an agent... (for the duck)

The happy home!I need your vintage photos!
I am in the process of compiling vintage photographs for a new page on tvlamps.net! The focus of the page will be "television in the home"... photos in which the family television appears. The photos don't have to include a TV lamp, may or may not include family members, and can be a snapshot from your family archives or an anonymous photo. All I ask is that the photos include the TV, and date from the '50s or '60s. It will be a fun, nostalgic peek into the past! E-Mail me your scans (higher quality the better), or contact me regarding snail-mail shipment.

Claes markingLeland Claes Revealed:
If you're one of the many collectors that's been curious about the story behind Claes TV lamps, you'll want to check out the biography, Leland Claes: Sculptor of the Animal Kingdom, right here on tvlamps.net! With considerable help from family members Dorothy Hawkinson, David Hawkinson and Calvin Claes, I've been able to gather a good bit of information on the fascinating, little-known designer. Check it out!

Gosh, these lamps on eBay are keen!
Lane & Co. Poodles (white, without base), #320027815037.
Phil-Mar Panther (brown), #300027251427.
Melrose Lamps Co. Violin, #270028597078.
D.A. Boucher Co. "Two Fish" lamp, #300027357981.
Rare Leland Claes Panther, #330028062705.
Lane & Co. Flamingo planter/lamp, #190030543833.

Enchanto, not Claes!9-12-06
The Mystery of the Disappearing Website...
tvlamps.net was off-line for much of the day, the victim of a server problem of some sort, and I regret any trauma this may have caused.  I'm still shaking.

When is a Claes not a Claes?
It has come to my attention that many folk, perhaps fueled by wishful thinking, have incorrectly attributed certain Siamese Cat TV lamps to designer Leland Claes. The design at the right, with or without marble eyes, with or without a basket/planter, is by the California maker Enchanto Co., not Claes. These have been found in vintage Enchanto catalogs, a company with which Claes was never affiliated. All known Claes lamps are clearly marked as such on the back or bottom, and the Enchanto products do not bear the Claes Copyright marking. Does that make the Enchanto cats any less collectible? Heavens no, they're cute as a button!

Recent "Big Buck" Auction Results:
$583.99 - Columbia Statuary "Tropical Woman" (table lamp)
$455.00 - Leland Claes Leopard
$355.00 - Buffalo TV Lamp (possibly Lane & Co.)
$266.75 - Kron 3-Horse (airbrushed version)
$225.00 - Phil-Mar Grayhounds
$185.18 - Lane & Co. Siamese Cats (three cat version)
$153.50 - Camel TV Lamp (possibly Lane & Co.)

Rosemeade TV Lamp9-8-06
Hmm... I Wonder What's Shakin' on eBay?
Rare Hedi Schoop TV Lamp, #140027283620.
Very rare Rosemeade Horse, #300025848486.
LeBow Horse TV Lamp, #160028345210.
Phil-Mar Double Panther TV Lamp, #230026682598.
Lane & Co. Panther (1953), #150030491176.
McCoy Sunflower TV Lamp, #190028491632.

More Changes!
Why can't I stop messin' with this website?! I have changed the Main Page to a 3-column layout, bringing more of the menu choices towards the top. The down-side is that the 800x600 screen resolution is no longer supported. (The third column will be pushed off the right side of the screen) I don't believe too many people still use that setting, but if I'm wrong I'd like to hear from you...the complaint department is open! I'll gladly accept any comments regarding the change, pertaining to the appearance and/or functionality of the page. (Things like "Gee, it's swell!," or "Oh great, it used to be cool, now it's icky," etc.)

The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles
The September issue of The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles contains a write-up on tvlamps.net in their Website-ings column! The Tonight Show can't be far away...movies, wealth, riotous living...

Buffalo TV Lamp9-3-06
Things are Heating Up on eBay!
Camel TV Lamp, possibly Lane, #290025667105.
Phil-Mar "Mare and Foal", #230024984801.
Maddux of Calif. "Deer and Fawn", #320023648979.
Chartreuse Art-Deco TV Lamp, #140025217573.
Maddux of Calif. Flamingo TV Lamp, #260026757738.
Very rare Buffalo TV Lamp (probably Lane & Co.), #220023659986.

Lovely Lamps Lazily Languishing on eBay...
Sierra-Columbia "half donut" planter/lamp, #280023266928.
Maddux of Calif. Cockatoo TV Lamp, #320022504236.
Silvestri Bros. Pagoda TV Lamp, #170024357146.
Very interesting Fish TV Lamp (maker unknown), #150027904554.
Amazing "full-donut" planter/lamp...rare! (Sierra-Col?), #320022470569.
Kron "3-Horse" TV Lamp (airbrushed color), #230023496789.
Spectacular (and large) Miramar of Calif. planter/lamp, #330022798139.
Navis & Smith Oriental Woman TV Lamp w/2 planters, #120025412128.

Google Search Box Update:
I finally wised-up and moved the Google Search Box to the vertical menu bar on the left, just below the menu options. What a concept!

Google Search:
While I've tried to make tvlamps.net easy to navigate, it's grown to the point that you folks might miss something useful. To address this, I've added a Google Search Box to the main page. It will search the entire web, or you can specifically target the 200 or so tvlamps.net pages. Currently it's "inconveniently located" at the very bottom of the page, just after the eBay listings. Depending on popularity/demand, I might move it higher up, perhaps to the left menu area. I've found it to be a great help, and hopefully you will too! As always, feedback is welcomed.

Columbia Statuary Lamp8-26-06
eBay, Baby!
Haeger "Egyptian Princess", #230022572729.
Esco-Lite Lilly (maroon/white), #170022938148.
A.N. Brooks "single-cocker", #230022523836.
Lane & Co. "Three Cat" TV Lamp, #130020747608.
Kron "Poodle & Pug", #150026443229.
Hollywood Ceramics Deer, #180021659039.
Mar-Lita/Texans Inc. Horse, #290022568504.
Sierra-Columbia Planter/Lamp, #280021088220.
Columbia Statuary "Tropical Lady" Table Lamp, #160022460234.

L.M. Fielack TV LampLots of Action on eBay!
Claes Siamese Cats TV Lamp, #120021746453.
Florence Art "Oriental Woman", #140019974175.
L.M. Fielack Horse, #110022611807.
Bilt-Rite TV Lamp/Aquarium, #160021548696.
Maddux of Calif. Owl, #320019065925.
Lane & Co. "Ballerina & Swan", #300019171972.
Kirkwood Oriental Vase, #300019171972.
Lane & Co. Panther (early style with shade) in red!, #260023544680.
"Two Birds" TV Lamp by American Art Potteries, #300019216363.

Recent eBay Top-Selling TV Lamps:
$3,550.00 - Rosemeade Rooster TV lamp.
$405.00 - Lane & Co. Swordfish TV lamp.
$306.01 - Kron "Bull & Brands" TV lamp.
$255.00 - Kron Butterfly and Magnolia TV lamp.
$249.00 - Lane & Co. Flamingo TV lamp.
$230.01 - Kron Butterfly and Magnolia TV lamp.
$169.01 - Lane & Co. Tropical Leaf TV lamp.

Spiffy TV Lamps on eBay:
Lane & Co. "Banana Leaf" TV Lamp, #170018452295.
Royal Haeger "Two Grayhound" TV Lamp, #230018054655.
Bilt-Rite TV Lamp/Aquarium, #180017628779.
Royal Haeger Gazelle TV Lamp, #230017746763.
Kron/Texans Inc. Panther TV Lamp (white), #190019426130.
Lane & Co. "Three Cat" TV Lamp, #110019716024.

Setting what has to be a record for the hightest sum attained by a TV lamp at auction, a rare Rosemeade Rooster was hammered-down last night on eBay for the princely sum of $3,550. Goodness, those Rosemeade collectors are certainly an enthusiastic bunch!
Other impressive sums attained were a $300 winning bid on a Claes Siamese Cats TV lamp ($75-$125 being more common), $255 for a very rare Kron Butterfly and Magnolia TV lamp, and $180 for a Kron Fruit Vase TV lamp. The fruit vase is rare and seldom at auction...I'm not sure that they didn't get a real bargain!

Haeger/Phil-Mar Connection?
Maybe I'm just thinking too much, but has anyone else noticed what appears to be a connection between Haeger Potteries of Dundee, Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio's Phil-Mar Corporation? It seems to me that several TV lamp designs can be found with either manufacturers label, including the dogs shown to the right. Am I way off track here? Does anyone have information regarding some sort of affiliation between the two companies?

Things are Getting Exciting on eBay!
Buckingham Ceramics (McCoy) Vintage Auto TV Lamp, #120015381786.
Beauceware Horse TV lamp (w/fiberglass shade), #230013578418.
Phil-Mar "Mare and Colt" TV Lamp, #230013543791.
Lane & Co. Siamese Cats (3) TV Lamp, #200012241838.
And the find of the day:
Rosemeade Rooster TV Lamp (very rare!), #250013605577.

Today's Riddle: How is a TV lamp like a pair of scissors?
Previously unknown to me, the California ceramics manufacturer Sierra-Columbia has an extraordinary history, and you can read all about it on the Sierra-Columbia page. I've had the pleasure of learning about the company from Mark Levy, son of the company founder, and want to thank him for bringing this story to light. You may be surprised at the scissors/TV lamp connection!

Let's Go Shopping!
Panther TV Lamp (probably Gonder, but they have been copied), eBay auction #180012189515.
"Genie" TV Lamp (maker unknown), #300011843099.
Lampcrafts Ship (Just like in the postcard below!), #170012465716.
Kron/Texans Inc. Panther TV Lamp (black), #200011600058.

Isn't this cool? I found this nifty vintage postcard (dated 1954) on eBay, and wanted to share it with everyone. It offers a free TV lamp for opening an account at Lewis, located at the corner of 4th and Liberty in Louisville, Kentucky. I assume that Lewis was either a furniture, appliance or department store, but nothing on the postcard gives a clue. Can anyone enlighten me regarding this? The TV lamp pictured is your basic ship by Lampcrafts. (We've all got one of these babys, right?) As funny as it may seem today, lots of TV lamps were free to consumers as "perks". Hey, I want to open an account! You can see the back of the postcard here.

Good Grief, More Cool TV Lamps on eBay!
Panther TV Lamp (I love these!), maker unknown. Auction #150013023617.
Enchanto of Calif. "Three Dolphins" TV Lamp, #230009872071.
Phil-Mar "Mare and Colt" TV Lamp, #230009857010.
Hollywood Ceramics Horse TV Lamp, #180009341384.
Michigan Artistic Creation Madonna and Child TV Lamp, #200009084856.
Enchanto of Calif. Siamese Cats TV Lamp (unmarked), #130008671270.

Faster Page?
It was brought to my attention that some visitors were experiencing very slow loading times on the tvlamps.net Main Page. (the eBay listings in particular) I believe I've located the problem, and the page should render much more quickly now. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone that notices an improvement or that is still experiencing slow loading.

TV Lamps at Auction that You Need to See!Maddux TV Lamp
A.N. Brooks "3-Cocker Spaniel" lamp, eBay auction #290008426895.
Maddux Siamese Cat lamp, #120009407920.
Chalkware Squirrel lamp, maker unknown (marked 1950), #110009649377.
Melrose-Lamps Violin lamp, #270008503140.
Maddux Ship lamp (rare), #150011138928.
Royal Haeger Gazelle lamp, #300007956170.
Melrose-Lamps "Boy and Girl w/Umbrella"
(too cute!), #120009015826.
Kron "Poodle & Pug", #140008015464.

Auction Record: Trend or Fluke?Lane Horse TV Lamp
I just witnessed the end of an eBay auction that saw a Lane & Co. TV lamp bring $202. It must have been the poodles, the 3-cats or maybe the flamingos, right? Nope. The star of the auction was what I call the "Horse on the Overlook" design. Dated 1960, it's one of the Lane creations that placed the bulb between the subject (in this case, the horse) and a sculpted background, causing the subject to be seen in silhouette. I don't recall any of these lamps exceeding $75 previously, let alone $200. Don't get me wrong, they're very nice TV lamps, and certainly good examples of "outside the box" thinking on the part of the folks at Lane. But the sale makes me wonder if I've missed something. Are these more rare and/or desirable than I knew? Perhaps I didn't miss a thing, but in fact was witness to the birth of a pricing trend on the Lane "silhouette" lamps. On the other hand, maybe I simply was on hand to watch a great show put on by two tenacious bidders!

Pull up a chair folks, because here's a slew of lamps now listed on eBay that deserve your attention!SNA Siamese Cat TV Lamp
Real purty Deer TV Lamp, #230007112149.
Royal Haeger Ram TV Lamp, #170007243994.
Gonder Ceramic Arts "Old Mill" TV Lamp, #230007063343.
Awesome Kron/Texans Inc. Panther TV Lamp (black),
with a "Buy it Now" of $29.99!, #190007741901.
Butterfly TV Lamp (maker unknown), #230007038213.
Cool Horse TV Lamp/Planter (unmarked), #160007254507.
Rare white Kron Owl TV Lamp, #230007018399.
Phil-Mar Leaf TV Lamp (green), #230007016141.
Maddux of Calif. "Saddle & Boots", #160007219949.
Maddux of Calif. "Spanish Dancers" TV Lamp, #230006945133.
Gonder Ceramic Arts Sailing Ship TV Lamp, #140006904188.
A mega-rare SNA "Siamese Cat on Pillow" TV Lamp/Planter, #130006022864.
Wow. Too bad I'm broke!

Geez, There's an Amazing Assortment of TV Lamps on eBay!
Lane & Co. Siamese Cats TV Lamp (two cats), #200005860447.
(2) American Art Potteries Two Fish Lamps,
#300005764118 and #250006285042.
Gonder Ceramic Arts Sailing Ship, #140004262409.
Miramar of Calif. "Deer and Foliage" TV Lamp, #160006335320.
and last but not least...
Rare Lawrence Welk Accordion TV Lamp, #270006121330.

Mark Stevens gives a riveting speech at Howard Payne UniversityThe "Texans World Tour" Hits Irving!
Well, maybe it's not a world tour, but I am off to spread the Texans Inc. gospel again, this time to give a presentation on Howard Kron and Texans Incorporated for The MetroPlex Glass Club, Tuesday, July 25th. It will be at The Irving Garden & Arts House, 906 Senter Rd., Irving, Texas. The festivities begin at 7:00, and the public is invited!

Oh-so-groovy TV lamps on eBay:
Lane & Co. Rooster TV Lamp, #290004592043.
Silvestri Bros. Pagoda TV Lamp, #180004461090.
Lampcrafts Exotic Lady with Cat TV Lamp, #150006156433.
Marcia of California Fireplace TV Lamp, #230004728599.
Lane & Co. Rearing Horse TV Lamp/Planter, #250004722156.

The Cole's and Young's at the 1st Texans Inc. Reunion.It's a date!
The Second Annual Texans Incorporated Reunion will be held on Saturday, November 18th at the TexasBank in Bangs, Texas. (exact times to be announced) It will be a terrific celebration of the history and products of Texans Inc., and attendees will include many former employees of the company as well as plain-ol' collectors... like yourself!

eBay Watch:
Interesting Log TV Lamp with Shade (Beauceware?), #130002822298.
Buckingham Ceramics (McCoy) Jalopy TV Lamp, #250003168199.
A Fabulous Green Swan TV Lamp (unknown maker), #250003166519.
Unusual "Mare & Colt" TV Lamp (a vintage copy of the Phil-Mar design?),
Cool Deco-Styled Vase TV Lamp (Miramar? Phil-Mar?), #190003171473.

Golly, so many Neat Lamps!
Some really nice things have appeared on eBay, some quite rare:

Maddux of Calif. Shell (Leaf?) TV Lamp, auction #260002558655.
Maddux of Calif. Two Swan TV Lamp, #260002543608.
Lane & Co. Flamingo TV Lamp (no-planter version), #190002764236.
Claes Siamese Kittens TV Lamp, #190002659145.
Kron Three Horse TV Lamp (Rare black version), #190002526590.
Lane & Co. Two Poodles TV Lamp (pink, with base), #190002452131.

Cool Junk on eBay:
An abstract Phil-Mar TV Lamp (Robin's egg blue!), auction #270002110309.
Haeger Potteries Gazelle TV Lamp (Pink), #130001755975.
Maddux of Calif. Cockatoo TV Lamp, #230001432520.
Awesome Fish TV Lamp by the Gilner Pottery Co., #150002178723.
Sailing Ship TV Lamp by Gonder Ceramic Arts, #150002084685.
And last but not least...
A fun "leafy" TV Lamp by Phil-Mar, #200001644787.

It's never too early to make plans...
The 2nd Annual Texans Incorporated Reunion is on the way! Well, the date isn't set, but should be in November or early December...right around the corner! It'll be great fun for former employees of the lamp factory, as well as lamp collectors with a taste for history, lamp displays and the opportunity to meet some swell folk! Everyone's welcome, and it should be a great time. Stay tuned...

Keepin' Tabs on eBay:
Mar-Lita Hunting Dog TV Lamp, auction #150000951600.
Luminart Leaf TV Lamp, #140000875954.
Panther TV Lamp (appears to be a Jacquelin), #102250650913.
"Crouching Panther" TV Lamp (probably Texans Inc.), #260000680437.
Abstract Phil-Mar TV Lamp, #130000737134.
Hollywood Ceramics Horse TV Lamp, #130000779015.
Lane & Co. Rooster TV Lamp (one of my favorites!), #280000838461.
Chalkware Panther by Zerbini Giftwares, #330000254764.

I was surprised to see a Rosemeade Pheasant TV lamp sell on eBay yesterday for $373. Given that they typically change hands for somewhere in the neighborhood of $600, I'd say that someone got a very good deal!

Fun Finds on eBay:
Lane & Co. Siamese Cat TV Lamp (2-cat version), #102250736535.
Lane & Co. Horse TV Lamp, #102250704774.
Claes Cocker Spaniel TV Lamp (with a "buy it now" of $75...
that's a steal, folks!), #102250679854.
Maker Unknown "Horse and Jockey" TV Lamp, #8830937462.
Kron Poodle & Pug TV Lamp, #102250545884.
Phil-Mar Tropical Leaf TV Lamp, #102250406689.

Vintage Leland Claes Photographs
I've posted several great vintage photographs of TV lamps in the Claes Area! They are in the collection of Leland Claes' sister, Dorothy Hawkinson, and are posted with her gracious permission. The photos, all taken by Leland Claes in the '50s, are an interesting look into the times, and include a couple of previously unknown designs. (including the Bucking Bronco TV Lamp shown at right)

A Gaggle of Groovy Goodies on eBay...
Kron Doe and Fawn TV Lamp, auction #4470405527.
Haeger Potteries Panther TV Lamp (with shade), #6289374150.
Haeger Potteries Donkey TV Lamp, #7423104269.
Lane & Co. Afghan Hound TV Lamp, #6289310149.
Premco Oriental Boat TV Lamp, #6289215344.
California Originals Swan TV Lamp, #6289152708.
an awesome unmarked Clown TV Lamp, #6289002507!

The Latest and Greatest on eBay!
Phil-Mar "Mare and Colt" TV Lamp, auction #6288360086.
Jacquelin Panther TV Lamp, #4469728009.
Lane & Co. Panther TV Lamp (rare style and color!), #6288410524.
Miramar of Calif. "Dragon Vase" TV Lamp, #6288410389.
Royal Haeger Ram TV Lamp, #6288180514.
a very rare Rosemeade Pheasant TV Lamp, #7422387504.

Gosh, that didn't take long...
I got "The TV Lamp Store" sorted out quicker than anticipated. Be sure to check it out often, as I'll be adding more lamps frequently... like on an almost daily basis!

The tvlamps.net Attic
I said I would never do this, but I'm going to open The tvlamps.net Attic (name subject to change, and suggestions are welcome), an online store that specifically deals in TV lamps! I'll probably have it up in about a week, and will add to the volume of lamps that are listed as quickly as possible. I'll keep ya posted!

Now, On to the Cool eBay Stuff...
Royal Haeger Tulip TV Lamp (burgundy), #7421032249.
Lane & Co. Afghan Hound TV Lamp, #6286814822.
Lane & Co. Siamese Cats TV Lamp (the two cat version), #6286698151.
I.A.S. Co. Ship TV Lamp, #7420791667.
Kron 3-Horse TV Lamp (yea, baby!), airbrushed version, #6285926786.
Claes Siamese Cats TV Lamp, #6286550789.

Today's Groovy TV Lamp Finds:
Kron Poodle & Pug TV Lamp (black poodle!), eBay auction #6284913933.
Maddux of Calif. Exotic Bird TV lamp, #6284896096.
M.T.A. Co. chalkware Horse TV Lamp, #6284215917.
Kron Siamese Cats TV Lamp (with original stamped felt), #7245801851.
Lane & Co. Saxophone TV Lamp, #6284265329.
Kron Bear TV Lamp, #4466520227.
Claes Cocker Spaniels TV Lamp, #6284637253.
Melrose Lamps Co. Violin TV Lamp, #6284267099.

The Carole Christensen Collection
I've been working like blazes to get the TV lamp museum page completed, and it's finally done! I spent a day at Antiques of Northfield, interviewing Carole Christensen (aka Carole Knotts, aka Lulu LeMay) and photographing the most spectacular TV lamp collection in the world. Don't miss The Carole Christensen Collection!

I'm Back!
I figured I should take a break from unpacking my new acquisitions and update the website. Tomorrow I'll be answering e-mails and then getting started writing my report on Carole Christensen and her awesome TV lamp museum. I should have it up by mid-week!

"On the Road Again... "
This will be the last update for a few days, as I'm on my way to Minnesota. What's in Minnesota? TV lamps, baby! I'll be meeting with Carole Christensen, whose fabulous TV lamp collection is on display at her mall, Antiques of Northfield. With over 1000 TV lamps, it takes an antique mall to hold'em. You'll get the story and photos when I get back!

Really Neat eBay finds:
Kron/Texans Inc. "Poodle & Pug" TV lamp, auction #6280884567.
Lane & Co. Rooster TV lamp, #6280927368.
Lane & Co. Flamingo TV lamp, #6280932064.
McCoy Panther TV lamp, #7415853246. (maroon)
Kron/Texans Inc. Sportsman Panther TV lamp, #6281070587. (white!)
Claes "Two Boxers" TV lamp, #6281159781.
Maddux of Calif. TV lamp, #6281220891. (a beautiful abstract design!)
Tilso Western Horse TV lamp, #6280868709.

A Gaggle of Cool TV Lamps on eBay!
Premo Manufacturing "Fishing Boat" TV Lamp, #6280485271. (Usually found in pink, this one is manly green!)
Cameron Clay Products Ram TV Lamp, #6280384452.
A.N. Brooks Cocker Spaniel TV Lamp, #7241987086.
Maddux of Calif. "Boy on a Dolphin" TV Lamp, #6280224634.
Gilner of California Horse TV Lamp, #7415168874.
Kron/Texans Inc. "Sportsman Panther" TV Lamp (black), #6280347636.

More Swell TV Lamps:
Maddux of California Cockatoo TV lamp, eBay #6279340925.
Lane & Co. Violin TV lamp, #6279258456.
Treasure Craft Elf TV Lamp, #6279203081.
Maker unknown, Carriage Motion Lamp (with fish scene!), #6279191198.
Lane & Co. Deer TV Lamp, #6279142639.
'till next time... Happy Trails!

Spiffy TV Lamps at Auction:
Maker unknown, a chartreuse planter/lamp with strong mid-century styling, eBay auction #6278485773.
Gilner of California, pink planter/TV lamp (rare), #6278453318.
Royal Haeger "Two Horse" TV lamp, #7413319386.
Claes "Single-Dog" Bulldog TV Lamp, #6278400360.
Lane & Co. Swan TV lamp, #6278389562.
Kron/Texans Incorporated Poodle & Pug (white poodle), #6278384149.

Great Stuff on eBay!
We're going to start with a seriously rare (and seriously cool!) Kron/Texans Incorporated "Bull & Brands" TV lamp, auction #6278134189.
There's also a Modern Art Products Horse TV lamp, #6277820459.
Royal Haeger Comedy-Tragedy TV lamp, #6277843156.
California Originals Swan TV Lamp, #6277598830.
Tilso Horse TV Lamp, #4460305423.
Lane & Co. "Branch and Foliage" TV Lamp, #6277209703.
Royal Haeger Deer TV Lamp/Planter, #7412222667.
There you have it!

Wait, there's one more...
A really nice Phil-Mar "Mare and Colt", with the original electrics, auction #4461094356. It seems to be in great condition, and has a "buy it now" of $25!

Up, Up, and Away!
I always get a kick out of spotting TV lamps in vintage movies and television programs, and just noticed a Unicorn TV Lamp in the early '50s TV show, The Adventures of Superman. What appears to be a black version of the lamp can be found in the Season Two episode, The Dog Who Knew Superman. I'd sure like to hear from anyone that has similar TV lamp sightings to report!

I've finally completed tvlamps.net's "new look", and I've gotten a good deal of positive feedback regarding the change. I think I'll let this style ride for a while!

Setting what must be a record price for a Kron Circus Horse, an airbrushed example sold for $305 yesterday. Wow.

Awesome eBay finds:
Lane & Co. Rooster TV Lamp, auction #6275443946. California Originals planter/TV lamp, pink/w gold detailing, #6276383730. Bilt-Rite Mfg. Co. aquarium/TV lamp, #6276321228. Another Cal. Originals planter/lamp, this one in aqua. Auction #6275481730. Maddux of California Bull TV lamp, #6276219733. Royal Haeger "Nude with Deer" TV lamp, #7411168604. Hollywood Ceramics Fish TV Lamp, #6276203163. And last but not least, a chalkware Premco Fireplace TV lamp, #6276155971.

Y'all Come to Mayfest!
Bangs, Texas goes garage-sale crazy during their Mayfest celebration, with sales occurring throughout the city. Of particular interest is the one at the home of David Cole, where a tremendous assortment of Kron/Texans Inc. table lamps will be for sale...over 50! Most of these are in unused condition. David's sale will be Friday and Saturday (May 5th & 6th) at 709 E. Fitzgerald. The formal Mayfest festivities will take place in Bangs, Texas at the City Park on May 6th.

Today's "Must Have" eBay Items:
Maddux of California Butterfly TV Lamp/Planter, auction #6275250321.
Lane & Co. Parrot TV Lamp/Planter, #6275229144.
Royal Fleet Dove TV Lamp, #6275224753.
Enchanto of California Swan TV Lamp, #6275183755.
Treasure Craft Fish TV Lamp, #6275139212.

Anyone that has visited tvlamps.net over a period of time has witnessed numerous changes to the site. I'm not happy with the current look, and am working on a major face lift. Stay tuned...

Cool Stuff on eBay!:
Lane & Co. Flamingo TV Lamp/Planter, auction #6274970866.
Luminart Ram TV Lamp, #6274950170.
Lane & Co. Flamingo TV Lamp (small planter version), #6274932167.
Lane & Co. Swordfish TV Lamp, #6274905089.
Maddux of California Cockatoo TV lamp, #6274880961.
Premco "Horse and Panther" TV Lamp, #6274877979.
P.G. Manufacturing Clock/TV Lamp (musical theme), #6624762083.
Haeger Potteries Swordfish TV Lamp, #6274723766.

I gave my presentation on the history of Texans Incorporated at Howard Payne University yesterday, and I must thank Georgia Rodgers and all the members of the Brown County Historical Society for inviting me to speak and for giving me such a heartfelt welcome.

Interesting eBay finds:
A very nice LeBow of California Panther TV lamp is auction #6273142786, and a rare Maddux of California Fish TV lamp just listed, auction #6273389437. It is one of the few Maddux lamps that was designed by the renowned sculptor Carl Romanelli. There's also a highly-desirable Lane & Co. "Three Cat" Siamese Cat TV lamp, auction #6271716766.

Today's Fun E-Bay Finds:
We'll start with two, count'em, two Lane & Co. Panther TV lamps, and they're both of the early design with the fiberglass shade! (auction #'s 7407982046 and 6272489342) A rare Claes "Two Poodles" TV lamp is auction #6272389038...it looks to be a real beauty! And there's my personal favorite, a Kron "Three Horses" TV lamp (solid color version), #6272478720.

The "Missing Link" Found!
It had been long believed that only a single, incomplete Kron/Texans Inc. "Clown and Elephant" lamp existed, but a beautifully pristine example has surfaced. This one includes the dancing elephant top portion previously unseen by most collectors, as well as the table surface and clown support/base. Photos will be posted tomorrow in the new area, Table Lamps by Texans Incorporated. Many thanks to Barbara Bates for the photos!

I finally finished converting all the web pages to the new color scheme. I haven't heard any negatives... hopefully y'all like it!

More groovy TV lamps on eBay:
There's beautiful Phil-Mar "Mare and Colt" TV lamp, complete with original hang tag, item #6272173313. One of the nicest Ever-Art Victrola TV lamps I've seen (and these dudes are rare!), item #6271982425. A good-looking chalkware Silvestri Bros. "Wishing Well" TV lamp, item #6272170694. Also, a coveted Lane & Co. flamingo TV lamp, dated 1957, is auction #7407723798. And... a seldom-seen "Last Supper" TV lamp by Sculpture Ware Co., dated 1955. It's auction #6272143636. Whew!

New eBay Listings:
Among current TV lamps now on eBay are a rare Lane & Co. Swan (auction #7407259488), a Sailing Ship radio lamp dated 1936 by I.A.S. Co. (auction #6271759201), and an airbrushed (that denotes the full-color version, folks!) Kron Mallard Duck TV lamp! (#6271880242)

Yep, another rare Claes lamp:
Previously unknown to me, this fabulous Claes TV lamp was brought to my attention by my pals Cindy & Mike from Bakersfield, California, who also granted permission to share their photos. Their collection is first-rate all the way, and this Claes just might be the best of them all. What's might this one be worth? Given the current interest in Leland Claes designs, I'm thinking $700+. Other photos of it are posted in the Claes TV Lamp Gallery.

More Nifty Lamps:
Several noteworthy TV lamps are now at auction on eBay, including auction #4454688429, an abstract Maddux of California design that is a strong contender for the strangest TV lamp of all time. It has the original plastic "shade". If I didn't already have an example, this one would be mine! There's also a Claes Cocker Spaniel lamp, auction #7233612801. I also noticed a marvelous unmarked deer (Beauceware?), auction #7406236733.

Never one to leave well enough alone, I've been playing around with giving tvlamps.net a different look. I've felt that the stark white background is perhaps a bit hard on the eyes, so I've come up with a grayish blue/purple motif on the Home Page. I'll no doubt implement the color scheme through all the pages, but it might take a few days. As always, opinions regarding this change are welcome, pro or con.

TV Lamp Sighting:
I was just watching the film Good Night, and Good Luck and spotted two TV lamps. One appeared to be a Lampcrafts Ship, the other a Lane & Co. Rearing Horse...two more reasons for watching a good movie!

Happy Birthday! This month tvlamps.net is two years old... and they said it wouldn't last. Here's to the next two!

I finally got around to fixing the HTML code on the main page so that it views properly with an 800x600 display resolution. Not too many folk still use that setting, but I felt that they should be accommodated.

Just listed on eBay is one of my favorites, a Lane & Co. "crowing rooster" TV lamp. It's item #6268673813.

I've made a change to the "TV Lamp Manufacturers" page, changing it from two to three columns. This makes it shorter over-all, and hopefully will be a bit easier to navigate.

For those who haven't noticed, I added a page called The David Cole Collection, which is an overview of his spectacular array of Texans Incorporated lamps. It's my goal to periodically do such features on significant TV lamp collections, and I'll be heading to Minnesota in May to do one on the Carole Knotts collection, the largest TV lamp collection in the world. Yes, there will be lots of photos!

More "Good Stuff" on eBay:
Lane & Co. "Piggie" TV lamp, Item #6265897015
Camark Elephant TV lamp, Item #6266776817
Maddux "single cat" Siamese Cat TV lamp, Item #6266670263
Royal Haeger Cocker Spaniel TV lamp, Item #7230085626

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Bidding! Joe's Claes Leopard TV lamp is now listed on eBay, and is auction #6266500840... go get it!

Siamese Cat Figurines: I've heard from several folk who are interested in finding siamese cat figurines that will display nicely along with their siamese TV lamps, and a couple of nice ones are now listed on eBay. They're both by Maddux of California, and are auction #'s 7401836687 and 7401835581.

My 15 minutes of fame will take place on April 20th, as I've been asked to speak at Howard Payne University by the Brown County Historical Society. (That's Brown County Texas, folks!) I get to talk about my favorite subject, Texans Incorporated...cool!

Claes Leopard TV Lamp
More on the Claes Leopard! Anyone interested in adding a rare Claes Leopard TV lamp to their collection should shoot an e-mail to Joe for pricing and details at tauna@sbcglobal.net.

Yet Another Rare Claes TV lamp:
I don't know where they're coming from, but another extremely rare (it's the only one I've seen) Claes lamp has just surfaced on eBay. It's a parrot TV lamp, and is auction #6265308123.

I've been made aware of a mega-rare Claes Leopard TV lamp that is for sale! I don't have the details on condition yet, and the owner might sell directly to a collector that shows interest through this website, or may opt to list it on eBay. I'll provide more information as I get it. Anyone interested in this lamp can let me know.

Swell TV lamps at Auction!
I know there's a bunch of collectors of Lane & Co. TV lamps that are going to flip over two rare examples that just turned up on eBay! One is a terrific deer lamp/planter (auction #6265035353), and the other represents a Polynesian/island woman, her face framed by tropical leaves. The leaves are airbrushed in the same fashion as Lane's tropical leaf TV lamp, and would look fantastic displayed together. It's auction #6265022070. And...
A Claes cocker spaniel puppy TV lamp is now at auction, item #6264504812, as well as a Claes boxer TV lamp. (#7227698843) Whew, things are picking up!

All is quiet. Oh, I did rework the "Ambient Lighting" page a bit, adding new scans of Sylvania Halo Light adverts. And after about 4 months of relative inactivity, there's finally heavy TV lamp trading on eBay again... Ya-Hoo!

I've added the little-known Duran's of California to the list of TV lamp manufacturers. The lamp pictured there is currently at auction, and is included in the 3-16 list of nifty TV lamps. I have also added pictures of the Maddux Prince of Peace picture lamp to the Maddux gallery.

Auction news:
An airbrushed Kron 3-Horse TV lamp sold last night for $321. I didn't win. Bummer...

The big news today is... I've started a news log! This will be a place to jot down whatever pops into my feeble mind, and hopefully some of it will be of interest to TV lamp collectors. I'm going to try to keep the main page of tvlamps.net a bit more static, letting it function solely as a menu rather than as a bulletin board for sharing current events. This page will be used for most all announcements and news, including website additions and noteworthy lamps at auction. This log will be kept indefinitely, although I'll no doubt archive older posts at some point. the old stuff will be accessible from a yet-to-be-created menu.

There's some nifty lamps now at auction on eBay...
Royal Haeger sailfish lamp (auction #6263541260)
Maddux Jesus TV lamp - rare! (auction #6263334573)
Mallard duck TV lamp by Duran's Royal California (auction #6263322078)
Horse lamp by Mar-Lita or Texans Inc. (auction #7227225467)

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