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We're back! (sort of)
The TV Lamp News page has been resurrected, but in a different form and place. The TV Lamp Forums are still active, but I'm also working on The TV Lamp Collector's Blog. It will be distinguished by a charming lack of structure, and hopefully everyone will find it informative and entertaining.

We've Moved!
This is the final post on this page, the latest TV lamp news now being displayed at the TV Lamp Forum. Updates will be more frequent and detailed, and if you opt to register (which I hope you will), you can post your own messages to fellow collectors. The old News pages will remain on-line for those who like to reminisce.

5-12-07TV Lamp Collector's Forum
Have you joined the TV Lamp Forum yet?
The first people to register in the TV Lamp Forum will have the honor of being designated Charter Members, and since you're going to want to take part...what are you waiting for? It's the place to meet fellow TV lamp collectors! Numerous upgrades and modifications to the forums are slated for the near future, and in all likelyhood it will eventually serve the purpose of this News page and ultimately replace it. Forum Registration is easy, fast, safe and free!

Yipee...it works! (I think)
I'm talking about The TV Lamp Collector's Forum. I've got a good deal to do regarding the look of it and it's possible that functionality issues might crop up, but it's up! So c'mon, check it out and be one of the first registered users...and let me know if any problems surface with the interface.

UL Symbol
Here's something that's been troubling me for years...can a lamp be dated, even approximately, by its UL label? Many vintage lamps still wear a UL sticker that includes an "issue" number, a number that could help to date them or even identify the manufacturer. This notion isn't new, and has reached a sort of mythical status. I've sent a query to Underwriters Laboratories, but I don't know yet if that will turn up anything. Does anyone out there know a source for this information? I'll post any info I find.

It's official...I've completely lost it!
In my never-ending quest to pump more hours into the maintenence of this website, I've decided to create a Collector's Forum. It will allow anyone to sign-up and post comments, questions, replies, etc. pertaining to the collecting hobby...sort of an on-line community for TV lamp fanatics. That's a good thing, right? Now, all I have to do is purchase some software, configure the software, upload files, make some new pages...I must be nuts!

Kissner Tri-Wonder TV Lamp5-3-07
New Kissner Industries Page
A new page has been posted for the products of Kissner Industries, the company known for their amazing "Tri-Wonder" lamps. With the kind assistance of Chuck Kissner (nephew of founder Larry Kissner) I've accumulated a bit of the history of Kissner and their products. Good stuff!

How To: Packaging Lamps for Shipment
Entirely too many TV lamps are being lost due to poor packing, so I've decided to create a page that delves into the do's-and-don'ts of preparing them for shipment. It will be chock-full of all sorts of "tricks of the trade" and include step-by-step photos illustrating the process. I don't know when I'm going to have time to do this, but hopefully it will be within the next month. Stay tuned!

5-2-07A.W. Reiser TV Lamp
Here's what's on eBay...
A.W. Reiser Cowboy, #110121736042.
Claes Siamese Cats, #220108382089 .
Buckingham/McCoy Wishing Well, #170107517507.
Lane & Co. "Three Cats", #120114953739.
LeBow of California Panther, #290111430400.
Kron Poodle & Pug (black), #270115580842.
Royal China Panther (chart.), #270115580842.
A.W. Reiser Peacock, #200104629101.
Reglor Table Lamp (pink), #270114876343.
Continental Art Table Lamp, #220107709665.

News Log Archives
This page finally became so ponderously long that I decided to create the "Archives"...a page to keep the old stuff. I figured that my incoherent ramblings were sufficiently important to preserve for future generations, so they will be archived for eternity. Yes, that long! You can find a link to the News Log Archives at the bottom of this page.

Who's seen Disturbia?
Has anyone out there seen the new movie Disturbia yet? The swell folks at DreamWorks Pictures acquired a Maddux mallard from me last year with the intention of using it in the film...did it make an appearance? I must know!

Speaking of movies...
I was watching the Godzilla remake last week, you know, the one from 1998 with Matthew Broderick? All of a sudden, I noticed a TV lamp! I believe it was one of a mermaid posed before a rectangular shade...possibly Modern Art Products, but I'll have to look at it again. Hey, I just had a brain-storm...I should make a page listing TV lamp sightings from Movies and TV shows! Y'all let me know if you spot any TV lamps in films, wont you?

So many lamps, so little time...California Originals Mountain Lion
Here's what's on eBay!

Esco-Lite Lilly, #200102858265.
"Tri-Wonder" Comedy-Tragedy, #110118501042.
Pittsburgh Statuary Lady, #170104553106.
Maddux of Calif. Pheasant, #250107600590.
Lane & Co. "3 Cats", #140110640774.
Everlite Novelty Mfg. Ship, #190105550923.
Jacquelin Panther (white), #280107170244.
Cali-Co of Calif. Mermaid, #120111597869.
Lane & Co. "Pitcher & Bowl", #220104759589.
California Originals Mountain Lion, #150114244811.

Recent Auction Prices:
$466.00 - Rosemeade Pheasant
$305.00 - Lane and Co. Flamingos (with planter)
$213.38 - Kron/Texans Inc. "Butterfly & Magnolia" (white)
$212.50 - Kron/Texans Inc. Bear
$126.75 - Claes Cocker Spaniels
$123.00 - Swordfish (maker unknown)

Kron/Texans Siamese Cats Back-Lit Beauties on eBay!
Bilt-Rite TV lamp/aquarium, #290106140874.
Haeger Potteries Stallion (green), #320104515307.
Jacquelin planter/lamp, #300102160381.
Rock O'Stone Terrier, #140108100523.
Elephant (maker unknown), #270110352134.
lamp/planter/clock combo, #180107218360.
Hankscraft Puppy, #320103874611.
Modern Art Products Oriental Girl, #320103874611.
Cali-Co of Calif. Mermaid & Shell, #130100377800.
L.M. Fielack Ballerina, #300100907025.
McCoy Sunflower (maroon), #140106234565.
Helmscene Last Supper, #200099515188.
Kron/Texans Inc. Siamese Cats, #160107132617.

Howard Kron in his workshop, 1955. Texans Incorporated Book Update:
I've found tons of new information about the lamp company, Texans Incorporated! It's going to take some time to sort through all of it, but the scope of my book will be greatly enhanced by these discoveries. Among my recent finds are catalogs from Texans Inc. and Texas Ceramics Studio, production photos, and all sorts of related documents. The book will contain a wealth of photos and previously unknown facts, including comprehensive product identification and values. This is a huge undertaking, my goal being to have it in print in time for the 2008 Texans Incorporated Reunion in Nov/Dec of that year.  Stay tuned!

Claes Kittens Recent eBay Auction Prices!
$217.50 - Claes Siamese Kittens
$161.38 - Lane & Co. Swordfish
$150.00 - Gritt Indian Maiden motion lamp
$148.50 - Claes Siamese Cats
$144.25 - Maddux of Calif. Cockatoo
$125.50 - Lane & Co. Tropical Leaves
$109.49 - Lane & Co. Tropical Leaves
$104.39 - Lane & Co. "Three Cats"
$81.00 - Kron/Texans Inc. Siamese Cats
$78.99 - Texans Inc. Mallards (early style)

Gosh-Dang, I've been busy!
I've implemented the star-ratings I had been contemplating, and they are now up on all the Manufacturers pages and about half of the "Subject" pages.  And...

I've added a Glossary of Terms. It includes all sorts of words and phrases that pertain to TV lamps, pottery manufacture, collecting, etc. I'll be adding more as I think of them. Be kind...I'm no Daniel Webster!

Fuhry & Sons TV LampRecent auction prices:
$295.00 - Fuhry & Sons Woman/Urn/Panther
$260.00 - Lane & Co. Tropical Leaf (airbrushed)
$202.50 - Lane & Co. Flamingos w/planter
$188.49 - Jarra Ceramics Seahorse (green)
$182.50 - Lane & Co. Swordfish
$158.58 - Lane & Co. Poodles (white wo/base)
$125.50 - Lane & Co. Tropical Leaf (airbrushed)
$122.50 - Lane & Co. "3-Cats"
$110.00 - Claes Siamese Cats

Star Ratings for TV Lamps?
I've been thinking of implementing some sort of rating system for the TV lamps pictured on tvlamps.net, but I'm not sure how I should go about it. I don't want to to assign actual dollar values, as they can change often and vary wildly depending on whether eBay values or "book values" are used. I'm thinking instead of applying two forms of ranking, a star system for value (1 to 5 stars) and another for rarity. (rarity and value do not always coincide!) This would represent a lot of work, and would have to be done over time. I could be talked out of this very easily, but I could also be convinced to go for it... any opinions out there? Perhaps suggestions of a different method? Would this add any "value" to tvlamps.net?  I'm all ears.

I've implemented star-ratings on the Claes Page for testing purposes, and I'd really like you to check it out and give me your opinion. Is this a good thing?

Esco-Lite TV Lamp Dost thou have these lamps?
Ye must bid, I command thee!

Haeger Grayhound (black), #250098440126.
Regal China Horse (marked C. Miller), #190096720258.
Enchanto Siamese Cats, #320096962794.
Miramar of Calif. planter/lamp (pink), #290098274139.
Kron/Texans Panther (white), #120101881253.
California Originals Pheasant (black), #260100793247.
Phil-Mar Mare & Colt (w/label), #230108417139.
Lawrin Panther, #120101262456.
Esco-Lite Tropical Leaves, #130093788646.

3-20-07Alert Lamp Mfg. TV Lamp
Have you seen these eBay treasures?
Miramar of California Bamboo Vase, #150103964789.
Claes Cocker Spaniels, #120099886370.
Sierra-Columbia "Scissors" Planter/Lamp, #180098140586.
Rosemeade Pheasant (rare!), #150103588666.
Electro Manufacturing Swan, #140098416019.
Regal China Horse, #190094320139.
Lane & Co. Panther (on rocks), #280095495770.
Lane & Co. "3 Cats", #110104902236.
Enchanto Siamese Cats, #150103434847.
Alert Lamp Mfg. Co. Comedy-Tragedy, #260098705595.

Hedi Schoop TV Lamp3-12-07
A look at recent high-sellers on eBay:
$996.99 - Hedi Schoop Comedy/Tragedy
$167.60 - Jacquelin Panther (white)
$163.38 - Swordfish (maker unknown)
$161.50 - Lane & Co. Swordfish
$158.05 - Lane & Co. Flamingos (without planter)
$146.49 - Artist's Palette (maker unknown)
$133.75 - Maddux of Calif. Cockatoos
$130.49 - Lane & Co. Siamese Cats (w/three cats)

Clevel Statuary TV Lamp3-7-07
Nifty TV Lamps on eBay!
Clevel Statuary Pagoda, #270096627738.
Miramar of Calif. Cat (green), #130086939504.
Gilner Pottery Co. Plant (pink), #180092809799.
McCoy Sunflower (red), #290090565005.
Swordfish (maker unknown), #190088899442.
Comedy/Tragedy (Haeger?), #270094343002.
Modern Art Products Zebra, #190090366817.
Haeger Panther (early style), #200086979018.

Claes Fish TV Lamp3-4-07
Good stuff at auction:
Claes Fish (rare), #280088578954.
Artist's Palette (gray), #160091088598.
Claes Boxer (single dog), #280089793901.
Kron Poodle & Pug, #120093878444.
Kron Panther (white), #170087604950.
Hedi Schoop Comedy/Tragedy, #290090141250.
Phil-Mar Gazelle, #150098108972.

Cal-Style TV Lamp More cool lamps at auction:
Cal-Style Swan (wood finish), #140090984069.
Peacock w/pearlescent finish, #260091551536.
Maddux "Double Lovebird" lamp, #120092065235.
Lane & Co. "Two Siamese Cats", #110097348065.
McCoy Sunflower (green), #120092259577.
Maddux Cockatoo (pink), #320087513663.

Here's some recent auction prices:
$2032.77 - Claes Leopard
$334.99 - Phil-Mar Panther
$288.75 - Lane & Co. Flamingos
$250.00 - Lane & Co. Flamingos
$207.41 - Lane & Co. Swordfish
$184.49 - Kron 3-Horse (airbrushed)
$159.10 - Kron Panther (white)
$153.31 - Claes Siamese Cats
$127.50 - Jacquelin Panther (white)
$118.39 - Lane & Co. "3 cats"

2-27-07Persian Cat TV Lamp
Lots'o Stuff on eBay!
Persian Cat (maker unknown), #220086837841.
Lane Poodles (pink w/base), #130084506268.
Lampcrafts Ship (green), #200083853545.
Phil-Mar Shell/Plant (brown), #220086764777.
Lane Flamingos (w/planter), #120091804295.
Gonder Dancing Woman, #170085328563.
Lane Mallard (1954), #140090346530.
Gonder Plant (pink), #180090063183.
Haeger Angelfish (green), #180090058564.
Cali-Co of Calif. Mermaid, #180086911207.
McCoy Fireplace (green), #180086912522.

Lane Swordfish TV Lamp Keen TV lamps now on eBay:
Lane & Co. Horse (scenic), #270091821547.
Lane & Co. Mallard (1954), #280085042434.
Same Lane Mallard as above, #170083126022.
Panther (probably Jacquelin), #170083333516.
Shell (unmarked Maddux), #120089172564.
Panther (Gonder?), #150093803064.
Lane & Co. Swordfish w/planter, #160087296747.
White Panther (prob. Jacquelin), #160087294930.
Lane & Co. Mallard (1959), #190084618882.
Phil-Mar Panther, #300083049838.
Esco-Lite Leaves (maroon/white), #110093954101.

Show me the money!
Claes Panther TV Lamp Setting a record price for this design, a Claes Leopard TV lamp sold today for $2032.77. I guess we should have been snapping them up when the were selling for "only" $600 or so! As staggering as this figure may seem, it's still short of the over-all record for the most paid for a TV lamp, which was set by a Rosemeade Rooster that hammered down for $3550.00 this past August.

Johnson Lazare TV Lamp2-11-07
Here's some spiffy TV lamps now at auction:
Lane & Co. "2 Cats", #250083345708.
Camark Horse (yellow), #180084179848.
Lane & Co. Banana Leaves, #170080272281.
Lane & Co. Panther (1959), #230090703694.
Maddux of Calif. Mallard, #160082085404.
Florence Art Leopard, #180084338094.
Gilner abstract (black w/gold), #160083973571.
Johnson Lazare fish (black), #110088936468.

Miramar planter/lamp2-8-07
Good Stuff on eBay:
Huge Miramar planter/lamp, #220079395185.
Round planter w/filigree base, #300079381919.
Elephant (maker unknown), #320080491371.
Gilner Doe & Fawn (blue), #130077629963.
Modern Art Products "Oriental Girl", #320080449834.
Royal Haeger "Acanthus" TV lamp, #230089540235.
Lane & Co. Poodles (pink, W/base), #130077715872.
California Originals Pheasant (black), #260084548999.
Stagecoach (maker unknown), #130077412553.

Here's some recent top auction prices:Chalkware Hula Girl
$341.01 - Chalkware Hula-Girl (maker unknown)
$295.00 - Lane & Co. Sailfish
$233.83 - Lane & Co. Blue Parrot
$225.00 - Lane & Co. Blue Parrot (another!)
$218.40 - Haeger "Nude with Deer"
$204.01 - Lane & Co. Flamingo
$201.73 - Mermaid (Modern Art Products?)
$152.50 - Maddux of California Deer
$139.49 - Maddux of California Pheasant
$135.01 - Navis & Smith Exotic Lady
$114.49 - Maddux of California Cockatiel

Canadian Ceramic Craft
I've added a new page on Canadian Ceramic Craft, a manufacturer that was a spin-off of Blue Mountain Pottery. Many thanks to Char Korcz for bringing this pottery to my attention!Bug-a-Roo Pamphlet

I've added some swell scans of a Bug-a-Roo (you know, the Miracle Lamp?) pamphlet/owners manual. It's loaded with a myriad of ideas for using your "Miracle Lamp" around the house. (I'll be you didn't know they could be used as a TV lamp, a bug-killer or a sick-room vaporizer!) As you might imagine, the scans can be found on the Bug-a-Roo page.

Double-Panther TV Lamp Get'em while they're hot!
"Double-Panther" (prob. Phil-Mar), #220079078722.
Jacquelin Panther (chartreuse), #110087363985.
Lane & Co. Mallard (1959), #160082175372.
I.A.S. Hearth Scene (1935), #320077992444.
Lane & Co. "3-Cat", #130076638858.
Lampcrafts "Woman w/Panther", #130076291973.
Haeger Gazelle (chartreuse), #200075888114.
Calif. Originals Pheasant (pink), #230088176318.
2 Giraffe with intertwined necks (maker unknown), #130076291973.
Helmscene "Whitetail Bucks" (table model), #120083398854.
Maddux of Calif. "Double Lovebird", #130076291973.

Scholarly Owls TV Lamp1-29-07
What's shakin' on eBay...
Scholarly Owls (maker unknown), #300075822534.
Lane & Co. Ballerina & Swan, #130074340318.
Gilner Horse (green), #230085136057.
Premco Shell (pink w/gold), #300075802836.
Maddux Mallard (circular motif), #260081226684.
Navis & Smith Viking Ship, #180080055316.
TV lamp w/clock (Bilt-Rite Mfg?), #160079341967.
Maddux of Calif. Pheasant, #270084117666.
"Two Zebras" (maker unknown), #270084088627.

Kron Circus Horse TV Lamp1-25-07
Recent Top-Prices on eBay:
$360.75 - Rosemeade Horse
$262.75 - Lane & Co. Flamingo (without planter)
$201.47 - Mermaid (green w/shade, maker unknown)
$175.00 - Hopalong Cassidy Wagon
$152.50 - Kron/Texans Circus Horse (airbrushed)
$138.25 - Maddux of California Deer
$100.00 - Claes Boxer (single-dog version)

Here's a few TV lamps now listed on eBay...lamps that you need!McCoy Deer TV Lamp
Luminart "horse head", #200071921413.
"Girl w/Afghan Hound" (Phil-Mar?), #180077412456.
Lane & Co. Poodles (pink), #180077435651.
Two Borzoi Dogs (Phil-Mar?), #180077440621.
Haeger Grayhound, #180077864991.
Goodman Nursery Rhyme Lamp, #220072818974.
Kron/Texans Inc. Panther (black), #180077802721.
A.W. Reiser Peacock (iron lamp), #260079081506.
McCoy Deer (green), #180077882704.

Texans Incorporated history is in the works!Texans Inc. Factory, circa 1954
I'm working hot-and-heavy on a comprehensive history/reference of the Lamp Manufacturer, Texans Incorporated. I touched on their history in my previous book, Pedlar of Dreams, but the emphasis that time was on their designer, Howard Kron. This time the focus is on the company and its products, and will be as thorough as any book on the "major" potteries. It's going to be loaded with collector information pertaining to the many table and TV lamps produced by the company, and will be chock-full of photos. I'll post updates as to my progress right here!

Pink Lady TV Lamp1-20-07
"Pink Lady" and other cool lamps on eBay!
Gilner planter/lamp (black w/gold), #160076239912.
Lane & Co. mallard with planter, #280072705578.
Maddux of Calif. Cockatiel, #180076826808.
Gonder Comedy/Tragedy, #250075300135.
Sierra-Columbia planter/lamp, #260077746916.
Maddux of Calif. Mallard, #250075162538.
Rock O'Stone Dog, #170072285328.
Modern Art Products Zebra, #300072120328.
Lane & Co. Matador, #160075819940.
"Pink Lady" (maker unknown), #110081327995.

They paid how much?!
It appears that we're getting past the holiday slump, as trading in TV lamps has increased in volume and price. But some of the auction prices attained here still represent great buys, particularly the Kron 3-horse, which typically trades for around $300.

Royal Haeger Fish $306.01 - Lane & Co. Flamingos w/planter
$300.00 - Hedi Schoop Comedy/Tragedy
$293.00 - Royal Haeger "Modern Fish" (red!)
$125.00 - Claes Siamese Cats
$121.25 - Maddux of Calif. Doe & Fawn
$109.00 - Claes Siamese Cats
$106.00 - Maddux of Calif. Quail
$105.00 - Maddux of Calif. Deer
$104.50 - Bobby B Ceramics "Three-Cat"
$104.49 - Claes Siamese Cats
$103.50 - Lane & Co. "Two-Cat"
$102.50 - Kron/Texans Inc. "Three Horse"

Improved Links Page
The Favorite Links page has gotten a face lift, and now includes clickable thumbnail images of the various websites. If you haven't visited the links page before, why not take a look? You'll find some great sites here...they really are my favorites!

On a personal note...
My six year old son, Tyler, is very ill and has been in the hospital since Saturday. I'll be spending most of my time with him, and as a result the updates to this page, and the rest of tvlamps.net, will be minimal until he is past this illness.

Business is picking up on eBay!
Lane & Co. Panther (early version w/collar & metal base), #180072525278.
Fuhry and Sons Oriental Boat w/figures, #180072524274.
Royal China & Novelty Co. Panther, #120072803652.
Maddux of California Quail, #230075494588.
Kron 3-Horse (beige), #230075490943.
Kron Panther (black), #200066331230.
Lampcrafts Ship (green), #290069513781.
Gonder/Bradley "Old Mill", #230075087712.
McCoy/Buckingham Ceramics Car (rare light gray color), #150078047662.

Technical Difficulties...again!
The server that hosts tvlamps.net has been misbehaving today, and as a result the site was off-line until around 4:30pm eastern time. Sorry about that!

Here's some lamps that have shown their value on eBay recently:
Phil-Mar Panther $280.00 - Maddux(?) Fish
$195.50 - Phil-Mar Panther
$195.00 - Lane & Co. "3 Cat"
$139.16 - Haeger Panther (red)
$92.52 - Econolite Christmas Tree motion lamp
$91.00 - Helmscene table lamp
$80.00 - Lane & Co. "2 Cat"
$76.00 - Tilso Blue Birds
$66.00 - Green Rooster (Beachcombers?)

Hmm... what can I get with my eBay Gift Certificate?
Modern Art Products Deer Maddux of Calif. Pheasant, auction #140068950090.
Doe & Fawn (Modern Art Products?), #140068935516.
Double-Panther (probably Phil-Mar), #300064519243.
Mar-Lita/Texans Inc. Hunting Dog, #330067976271.
Panther (maker unknown, 15" long), #230071515332.
Lawrin Co. Ship, #220065893307.
Gazelle (probably Haeger), #320065999984.
Lampcrafts Ship (white/gold), #170065008542.
Maddux of Calif. Mallard Duck, #250067400919.

Web Designer Needed
I'm looking for someone with HTML/CSS expertise to donate a little help in sorting out some layout/alignment issues on tvlamps.net, particularly in regards to getting things to look right in both IE and Firefox. My "trial and error" method of sorting this out has failed me, and I need a coach. If you think you might be able to help out, please... drop me a line!

12-13-06Holland Mold TV Lamp
Holland Mold
In a never-ending quest to dig up info. on the various TV lamp makers, I've managed to "dumb my way" into a wealth of information regarding Holland Mold. I've always been curious about the company and the items that bear their name, and am happy to be able to share my findings with a waiting world. So, for goodness sakes, you must take a look at the Holland Mold page!

Help Wanted!
I'm always looking for information on the various TV lamp manufacturers, and am particularly curious about these:
Alert Lamp Mfg. Co., Atlantic Mold, Ball-Jae of Calif., Beachcomber Potteries, Beacon Pottery, Bil Mar Mold, Bobby B Ceramics, D.A. Boucher Co., Cali-Co of Calif., Cameron Clay Products, Castro Mfg., Comer Creations, Delcraft, Duran's Royal Calif., Electro Manufacturing, Esco-Lite Co., Ever-Art Pottery Co., Fuhry & Sons, Harlaco, Holland Mold, Hollywood Ceramics, Jacquelin, Jarra Ceramics, Lane and Co., LeBow of Calif., Mar-Lita, Miraflor, Natcocraft, Phil-Mar, Premco Mfg. Co., Royal Fleet/Norfleet...

Did you or one of your friends/family members work at one of these companies? I would welcome even the smallest bit of information pertaining to these manufacturers, and can be contacted by E-Mail.

Bobby B Ceramics TV Lamp12-10-06
Still looking for stocking-stuffers?
Kron Poodle & Pug (black), #200057585953.
Lane & Co. Boy on a Dolphin, #170059753227.
Bobby B Ceramics Three Cats, #170059661613.
Florence Art Ballerina, #260063487274.
Gilner Angelfish (white w/gold), #270066117957.
Hedi Schoop Comedy/Tragedy, #270065911519.
Fighting Horses (unknown), #250059274545.
Moderamics Woven Basket, #110067188824.

A trickle of tremendous TV lamps trading on eBay...
Rosemeade Pheasant TV Lamp Premco covered wagon, #180060851413.
Premco boat with figures, #160060638525.
Covered Wagon (Tilso?), #110065506207.
Luminart deer, #170058441494.
Hollywood Ceramics ram, #120061969370.
Marcia of Calif. covered wagon, #110065219815.
Claes siamese cats, #160060198507.
Maddux of California ship, #250058009406.
RARE Rosemeade pheasant, #150067510597.
Econolite stove motion lamp, #270062436665.

Abilene Reporter Covers the Texans Inc. Reunion
Celinda Emison of the Abilene Reporter was present at the Second Annual Texans Incorporated Reunion, and covered the event in yesterdays edition. Her article is certainly worth a look. Thanks Celinda!

On the home front, I've snagged some great TV lamp buys in the past week, and my Christmas shopping is done... life is good!

Lawrin Co. TV LampHere's some great gift ideas now on eBay:
Phil-Mar Mare and Foal, #150067067729.
Econolite "pin-up" motion lamp, #320055277590.
Butterfly (unknown maker), #180059475157.
Kron/Texans Inc. 3-Horse, #290058121060.
Texans Inc./Mar-Lita dog, #160059381809.
Lane & Co. Swordfish, #110064105419.
Panther (Phil-Mar?), blue glaze #200054945897.
Haeger Potteries deer (rare), #280055792192.
Lawrin Co. ship (black), #170056524809.
Goodman forest fire motion lamp, #270062685997.
Martindale planter/lamp, #200053335256.

Let's see what lamps have been bringing top-dollar on eBay...
$400.00 - Leland Claes Locomotive
$235.00 - Lane & Co. Flamingos
$203.50 - Kron/Texans Inc. 3-Horse (airbrushed)
$174.00 - Lane & Co. Tropical Fish
$170.00 - Lane & Co. Banana Leaves
$165.00 - Maddux of Calif. Cockatoo
$127.50 - Lane & Co. Sailfish
$125.50 - Miramar of Calif. "Cool Cat" (white/chartreuse)
$121.25 - Maddux of Calif. Deer and Fawn
$120.00 - Lane & Co. Rooster
$106.05 - Leland Claes Siamese Cats
$103.51 - Maddux of Calif. Flamingo

Slump on the way?
Miramar TV Lamp Judging by the auction activity of recent years, we're coming upon the season of diminished activity on the TV lamp market. I suppose buyers and sellers get busy with holiday activities, and TV lamps take a back seat for a while. But don't fret...we'll get through it together! Choices of TV lamps may be reduced, but it's a great time to pick up some bargains. Here's some good ones at auction on eBay right now:

Enchanto Cats (with basket), #260056087593.
Gonder Schooner (brown), #140056170658.
Kron/Texans Inc. Panther (black), #330053025348.
Lane & Co. Bullfighter, #280052123416.
Miramar of Calif. Bamboo TV Lamp, #300052113761.
Lane & Co. Violin (rare, with very rare green glaze), #250052252543.
Awesome Miramar Cat, #160053297355.

Claes Train TV Lamp11-16-06
Great Stuff at Auction on eBay:
RARE Claes Train, #290051408526.
Kron Panther (black), #330050765332.
Royal China Panther, #220049849100.
Calif. Originals Leaf, #270055743894.
Kron Siamese Cats, #170050453990.
McCoy Fireplace, #330050687568.
Panther (Phil-Mar?), #230052625657.
Lane & Co. Mallard, #190052221509.
Royal Haeger Flower, #200047891376.
Maddux Flamingo, #260053199493.
Knight (Modern Art Products?), #280049462556.
Cocker Spaniels (possible Claes), #140053584137.

...and the train rolls into Bangs, Texas
this Saturday for the Texans Incorporated Reunion!

Vintage Claes copy11-14-06
Here's some recent eBay auction prices:
$242.49 - Kron Butterfly and Magnolia
$235.00 - Lane & Co. Flamingos
$232.50 - Rosemeade Pheasant (a bargain!)
$232.40 - L.A. Goodman Santa column lamp
$200.00 - Lane & Co. Swordfish
$125.50 - Miramar of Calif. "Cool Cat"
$120.00 - Lane & Co. Rooster
$108.50 - Lane & Co. banana leaf (airbrushed)
$102.50 - Maker Unknown 3-Cat Claes copy

11-10-06Phil-Mar TV Lamp
"Alright class, let's open our text to eBay, where we'll begin our discussion of mid-century decorative lighting..."
Kron 3-horse (airbrushed), #330048643009.
Phil-Mar "seated oriental figure", #180049470763.
Bilt-Rite TV lamp/aquarium, #150057246863.
Lane & Co. rooster (love it!), #330048593649.
Ever-Art Victrola TV lamp, #110054067955.
Royal Haeger bronc rider, #230049788320.
Driftwood lamp (Phil-Mar?), #160050182230.
"Books" TV lamp, #160050183592.
Awesome fighting panthers, #230049788326.
Carriage (probably Tilso), #200046102737.
I.A.S. fireside couple (1935), #200046150494.

Motion Lamps!
Econolite Mother Goose (1948), #230048979195.
Econolite "Night Before Christmas" (1953), #170047980136.
Scene-In-Action forest fire, #140049597572.
Econolite Mt. Vesuvius/Grand Canal (1963), #220047227064.

L.A. Goodman Santa Lamp11-7-06
Holy Toledo, a Passel of Swell TV Lamps on eBay!
Maddux of Calif. mallard duck, #280046343002.
Kron "3-Horse" (airbrushed version), #180048003660.
Maddux horse (faux-bronze finish), #170047191289.
RARE vintage Claes forgery, #120050270742.
Fabulous Miramar of Calif. cat, #190048960632.
Marcia of Calif. fireplace, #110052454196.
Lane & Co. flamingos, #190048692604.
Fuhry & Sons eagle, #230047893175.
Maddux of Calif. deer ("circle" design), #190048302258.
L.A. Goodman Santa "column lamp", #260050484366.

Let's see what eBay has to offer...
Claes "Two Boxers", auction #270047049229.
Bertie Butorac "Prom Queen", #180043982743.
Royal Haeger Ram, #110048532212.
McCoy Panther (maroon), #280042227036.
Lane & Co. Poodles (pink, without candy dish), #220041598491.
A.W. Reiser cast iron radio lamp (peacock), #140045932307.

2nd Annual Texans Inc. ReunionThe Time is Drawing Near!
The Second Annual Texans Incorporated Reunion will be Saturday, November 18th, at TexasBank in Bangs, Texas! The event will take place from 11:00am until 3:00pm, and will feature many lamps and the people who made them. Expected in attendance will be Designer Richard Gunter, Book Keeper and Secretary Evangeline Eads, Plant Manager Pete Eads and many more! Atmosphere will be casual, and cameras are welcome.
The TexasBank is at the corner of 1st St. and Highway 67. (the "main drag" through town) You can't miss it!

Cool TV lamps on eBay!
Lane & Co. "Roman Horse", #330037039669.
Royal Haeger Comedy-Tragedy Masks, #110042057920.
Gonder Ceramic Arts Comedy-Tragedy Masks, #180036595187.
Unmarked Stagecoach (Lane & Co?), #260039681179.
Fuhry & Sons "Woman with Panther", #150044333018.
Maddux of Calif. "Asian Princess", #330037328771.
Kron Owl (white!), #280036017556.

High-Prices Recently Attained at Auction:
$427.26 - Rosemeade Horse
$282.42 - Lane & Co. Flamingo planter/lamp
$196.03 - Royal Haeger Bucking Bronco
$168.07 - Royal Haeger Mermaid
$165.00 - Kron Circus Horse (airbrushed version)

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