The demise of the ceramic industry in the U.S. was due primarily to the influx of low-cost imports, and while their increased presence in the areas of dinnerware and kitchenware is well documented, this Japanese company (and others) also tried their hand at the lucrative TV lamp market. The name "Wales" was probably assigned to the company to give an anglo-european image to their products.

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Unlike today, products labeled "Made in Japan" were a hard sell in the 1950s, and this is a rare example of their attempt at a TV lamp. Not yet accomplished at emulating American styles, this lamp has a unique look, with color applied by a traditional brush as well as airbrushing. It's extremely lightweight and thin, and the surface is marked with numerous imperfections carried over from the original mold.
back view The back view of the Wales TV lamp.
Wales label The label on the base of this Wales TV lamp says "Wales, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off., Made in Japan", and features the image of a crown.
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Similar in size and design to their other TV lamps, this pheasant was made in Japan by Wales. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, cxrman.
Wales TV lamp Back view of the Wales pheasant.
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These fish remind me a little of a design by Maddux of California, but this one was made by Wales. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, lakerat91.
Wales TV lamp Back view of the Wales tropical fish.
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Displaying a blatant disregard for copyright laws, Wales sold this copy of Leland Claes' Siamese Cats. The giveaway is the eyes, which are rather odd-looking. No, it isn't identical to the Claes design, but it's very close!
Wales TV lamp Back view of the Wales cats.
Wales TV lamp Side view.
Wales TV lamp Foil Wales label.
Wales TV lamp value:  rarity:
This crowing rooster by Wales is also found in white.
Wales TV lamp Wales lamps are difficult to identify, as the foil label is usually gone, but two clues are the thin castings and the distinctive pull-chain light fixtures.

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