Zerbini Giftware

I'd love to present all sorts of historical data regarding Zerbini Giftware, but the cold, hard truth is that I haven't a clue. Perhaps someone is familiar with Zerbini and can bring me up to speed on this maker!

Zerbini TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Anyone yearning to adorn their new TV with the image of a leaping fish could have done worse than purchase one of these chalkware beauties by Zerbini!
Zerbini TV Lamp Back view.
Zerbini TV Lamp The Zerbini marking as it appears on their trout lamp.
Zerbini TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Zerbini Giftware is responsible for this neat chalkware panther TV lamp, complete with fiberglass shade. Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Canada.
Zerbini TV Lamp Back view of Zerbini's panther.
Zerbini TV Lamp Here is the Zerbini Giftware marking.

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