April 21, 2024

Movies that come with a big budget attached to it are usually the ones that can hire critics to review their films. These top movies also have enough money to spend toward marketing initiatives to get the public to appreciate the work that the movie crew put into it. However, some films don’t have the money or the right backing to get it to the high profiles of Hollywood. Being unable to get the film across to the big-budget producers does not mean that the directors and the screenplay are terrible. Sometimes, the directors and the screenplay is exquisite, but the movies are just not getting the appreciation that it deserves. The special effects are often so terrible that they are funny and the dialogues are the worst. However, these movies are superb for those who want to practice some critical reviews. As good entertainers, these movies are the worst of the lost or the best to make you laugh at the ridiculousness. Here below are ten low-budgeted films, B Movies that have had some great actors, but make people laugh through it all.

Troll 2
The title of this movie is misleading to the core. The film itself does not have any trolls in the cast, and it is not a sequel to Troll. The actual title of the movie is Goblins, but the distributors were worried that the film would not get the attention that it needed and make it look like a sequel. The low budget effects and the lackluster acting is funny to a hardcore movie fan.

Collision Course
If you have seen Rush Hour, then this movie would ring several bells. Jay Leno and Pat Morita are the stars of this movie. The storyline is the same as Rush Hour with an American and Japanese Poice officer team. The logic is all wrong, and the production values are laughable. Overall the movie is a great laugh for those who love to critic movies.

The Leprechaun might not be a great hit at the time. However, it is known to be Jennifer Anniston’s first movie. The dialogues were amiss, and the direction is hilarious to watch. Overall, the film is said to inspire some funny notions that have instigated remakes and sequels to the original B Movie version.

Killer Knowns from Outer Space
If you are a real fan of B Movies, then you should watch this one to criticize it. The makers of the movie wanted it to be a movie that instilled horror, and it does the job. After all, everyone is scared of clowns and this movie mages to get to the heart of it. People who have watched the film find it hilarious by the way the movie is created and is one of the films that critics love. At the moment the movie is at a 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Hercules in New York
Before the time of terminator and governor positions, Arnold Schwarzenegger dipped his toes in the film industry with this movie. He was chosen for his body, and the casting directors were not wrong in their choice. However, the star looks back at this movie and regrets being a part of such a low budget poorly created film that left critics laughing at its absurdity.