June 20, 2024

About tvlamps.net

This website went on-line on April 7th of 2004 as a modest personal web page, my desire being to share needed reference material with other TV lamp collectors. It has grown substantially, evolving into a significant source of data on the subject of TV lamps. My research is ongoing, and I continually strive to expand the depth and breadth of the information contained here. Today the background of over 100 manufacturers are detailed and hundreds of TV lamps pictured, with more added regularly. Someone once described the site as an online TV lamp museum, and I suppose that’s as good a description as any.
Given the volume of “stuff” presented here, I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to navigate. The photo galleries are sorted by both lamp manufacturers and subject matter, and all the lamps shown can be found in both areas. All sorts of articles pertaining to the collecting hobby are present, as well as book reviews and links to other websites. I’m an honest-to-goodness TV lamp fanatic, and if you aren’t already, I hope you’ll become one too. If you have a question for me or need to straighten me out on some error I may have made, please, don’t hesitate to fire off an E-Mail. If you have an interest in TV lamps, I’d love to hear from you.