July 22, 2024

Door Prize

The town of Bangs, Texas, where the Texans Inc. lamp factory resided for over 30 years, hasn’t forgotten its past. Many life-long residents recall their time working at the plant, or remember a family member who was employed there. Many of the lamps still reside in Bangs as well, due in part to the retail outlet, Lamp Land, that was in operation for many years. But a woman recently told David Cole about her cow lamp, whose origin makes it rather special.
Bangs has an annual Mayfest where, among other activities, many of the residents city-wide hold garage sales. David had many Texans lamps for sale, and a woman told him about her cow lamp, a free gift for attending the Texans Incoporated Open House when she was four years old. She’s had that lamp nearly 60 years now, roughly 25 years after the company closed its doors. It appears that all visitors to the Open House, roughly 3000, received a free lamp, minus electrics, as Texans wasn’t equipped to make completed lamps at that time. These juvenile lamps were among the company’s first products, and no child left the open house without one. What lamps were given to the adults? Hopefully we’ll find out when another Bangs resident shares their recollections.