May 25, 2024

Favorite Links

William Maddux Pottery
This great website was created by Bob Maddux, son of Maddux of California founder William Maddux. It’s a wonderful look at the man and the company, and is a fine, loving tribute from a personal perspective.
Plan 59
Holy cow! Anyone that appreciates mid-century design will flip over Plan 59. The site is chock-full of vintage advertising art from the ’40s through the ’60s. It’s one of the best websites around!
Postcard Roundup
History through postcards. Everything for the postcard collector or nostalgia buff, featuring hundreds of postcards!
B Movie Madness
Reviews of all those cheesy B movies, including horror, sci-fi, exploitation, jungle pics, etc.
Texans Incorporated
An in-depth look at the history and products of Texans Incorporated, the lamp company that made the Howard Kron designs. Brought to you by the same great people (me) that are responsible for!
Antiques, Collectibles, Collector Books, Gifts, and Crafts. You know how some websites have a little of everything? Collectics has a lot of everything!
SMS Noveltiques
Website of Sam and Anna Samuelian, authors of The Collectors Guide to Motion Lamps. A marvelous source for motion lamps and various antiques and collectibles, they also perform professional restoration on motion lamps, including replacement spinners and shade repair. Check it out!
Moon Shine Lamp and Shade
My friends, have you been agonizing over the sorry condition of your vintage shades? Are they bent, filthy, rusty? Perhaps the lacing is coming apart? If so, you’re in luck. Moon Shine Lamp and Shade has a fabulous selection of reproduction mid-century shades, hardware and specialty bulbs. Not only that, but custom shades of all sorts can be ordered to meet your needs exactly. They’re great folk…pay them a visit!
The Secret Fun Spot
The Secret Fun Spot is a wacky site with a focus on eye-popping retro-culture imagery, and make no mistake… it is fun! One of my favorites.
Wes Clark’s Avocado Memories
Everyone has childhood memories, but few are able to share them with the same poignancy as Wes Clark. His tales of youthful exploits and the accompanying photos can be hysterical at times, but above all Avocado Memories is a fond recollection. This is a trip you want to take.
Lane Cookie Jars
You didn’t think Lane only made TV lamps, did you? Tom Gilchrist’s great site is all about the collectible cookie jars made by Lane & Co./Lane Ceramics.
Hank Tosh is behind this Dallas-based furniture refinishing business, specializing in mid-century pieces. If you have vintage furniture that’s due for restoration, Hank’s your man!
The Collectors Weekly
The Collectors Weekly, a resource for collectors and people who love antiques. It’s a great place to explore and learn about collecting, and serves as a showcase for the passion and knowledge of collectors everywhere… truly the best of antiques and collecting!
Orbit In
I always thought this would be a great idea for a hotel, but someone beat me to it! The Orbit In is a terrific trip into mid-century living. At both Palm Springs locations, The Oasis and The Hideaway, everything tells you that you are immersed in luxurious, modern living. If you missed the era the first time around…this is better!
Toon Tracker’s Clutch Cargo Page
If you’re into TV lamps you probably appreciate vintage TV shows, and this page dedicated to the late ’50s cartoon Clutch Cargo might bring back some memories. Gee, that show was swell!
The Early Television Museum
Located at 5396 Franklin Street in Hilliard, Ohio (a suburb northwest of Columbus), with over 150 TV sets on display in a 4200 square foot area! Displays include mechanical TVs from the 1920s and 30s, prewar British sets from 1936-39, prewar American sets from 1939-41, postwar sets from 1945-58, and early color sets from 1953-57.
Mid-Centurian’s Back-to-the-Fifties Room
A wonderfully nostalgic trip back in time to a room decorated with hundreds of authentic items from the 1950s. Includes furniture, lamps, wall decor, etc. Recommended!
Television History – The First 75 Years
A fascinating look at the television, it’s history and development. Comprehensive, informative and fun!
Brian’s Drive-In Theatre
The Brian’s Drive-in Theater site offers tons of photos, information, links, and more on your favorite drive-in movies and B movie actors from the 1930s through the 1980s.
Vintage Television Sets
This is my new favorite website! A fantastic collection of lovingly restored TVs from the ’50s.
Wisconsin Pottery Association
A great, in-depth site, with tons of information on many different potteries. Your starting point on learning more about pottery!
Swamp Fire Lounge
A really cool site that features the work of artist Doug Horne, purveyor of great Tiki and retro-themed art. Don’t take my word for it…check it out!
Doo Wop Shoo Bop Records & CDs
For ALL your 50s doo wop & vocal group music! Vinyl, CDs, photos and much more!
The Webs Retro Planet!
Original & Reproduction fifties retro nostalgia, collectibles, memorabilia, diner, game room & home theatre decor, furniture, furnishings, housewares, gifts & kitsch.
My Granny’s Attic Antiques, Collectibles & More
A spectacular blend of quality antiques, unique collectibles, kitsch and custom gifts for that special person or yourself, including custom Victorian decoupage & patriotic picture frames. An eclectic shop with an eccentric owner!
Bonnie’s Treasures Vintage Clothing, Costumes & Antiques
Women and Men’s Vintage Clothes ~ costumes, jewelry, vintage hats, accessories, vintage & retro shoes, antique purses and coats ~ Victorian clothing, edwardian, 1920s flapper, 1930s, 1940s swing, 1950s rockabilly, mod 1960s, 1970s disco, 1980s punk, vintage Hawaiian & 1990 designer fashions.