May 25, 2024

How People are Tricked into Watching A B Movie

Watching a great movie is a welcome entertainment for anyone. However, some movies are so bad that they make audiences laugh out loud, literally. Most people who watch B movies are usually deprived of film to watch and are brought down to watching anything they can lay their hands on. However, others don’t willfully choose a b movie and are stuck with the film because they have been tricked into watching it. Several factors get people drawn to a b movie even though they are terrible movies to watch. One of the first and eye-capturing features of the cover of a b movie is the fact that though they don’t spend money on the movie. They use all their best resources in the covers of the films. Many viewers wonder why a cover managed to deceive them and the not judging a book, or in this case, a movie, by its cover did not work. Some studios have managed to master this, and most of their films follow a pattern in the choice of covers and films they make. One such studio is Asylum Films. Here are the reasons why they are tricked into picking up a rotten, hilarious, eye-rolling; b movie to watch.

Placement of Objects
B movie makers choose their movies based on the plot of other hit movies and hope to God that they are hits. For added effect, they even copy the cover and the specific objects on the cover. For example, the terrible B movie titled Pirates of Treasure Island has the exact objects as Pirates of The Carribean on its cover. The pirate ship, the lead characters, the bodies and a couple of monsters. Audiences who see it, know it to be similar to the pirates of the Carribean and pick it up in hopes of an excellent fantasy hit movie, but in vain.

Colour Code Copied
Another thing that is copied on the cover is the colours that are used in the cover of hit movies. When a person rushes into a store to pick up the Da Vinci Code, only to get home to find that it is TheDa Vinci Treasure, is a classic example. Similar to how knock-off brands of handbags and makeup use the same colours as the leading brands, B movie makers do the same to trick their audiences.

Name and Cast
Using a different name in a similar text to hit films is not a new strategy that most b movie makers employ. They make sure that the text is so identical to hit movies and the quickly browsing audience don’t realise it till they’ve started watching the movie and a whole different cast shows up. Speaking about the cast of the movie, it is also not uncommon for b movie makers to have their leading characters on the cover in the same position and stance as leading actors. This simply leads the viewer to believe that they are about to watch a movie of Will Smith, only to be tricked into watching one of John Doe.

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