June 19, 2024

Nowadays, to make a movie last longer than a week in malls and cinemas, and producers go all out when it comes to production budgets. Many people assume that the more money that gets put into the production of a film, the better is its quality. However, many independent filmmakers and low budget movies prove that this is not necessarily the case.

How Some Low Budget Movies Have Epic Production Designs

Here are some of the ways that Indie filmmakers, directors, and producers use to lower the budget they need for the production design without sacrificing the final film quality.

Prioritize Production Design
The first step to creating a film with a small budget for production design is to recognize the importance of production design.

The story written by the author or the screenwriter cannot be successfully brought to life without an excellent production design. It is the aspects of the film that will significantly affect aesthetics, mood, and storytelling.
f there is a small budget for your movie, one of the things that you could do to lessen costs is to spend time looking for great film locations in your city, neighborhood, or community. Maximize the beauty and atmosphere that can be garnered in your neighborhood park, coffee shop, or hilltop view. You do not have to spend tons of money on long trips just to film bits of your film.
You can also think about hiring only after setting a timesheet to shoot all the valuable scenes there. If you only have a community theatre or an apartment to work with, why not get your creative juices flowing and create sets that could be used in the limited set that you have?
Another way to show that you prioritize production design and lessen costs at the same time on the long-run is by either hiring or consulting with professional production designers. If you do not want to hire and want to do it yourself, you can always consult or ask for a professional’s advice on creating the right mood or getting the period décor correct for your film.
Plan Your Production
Another way to lessen costs and reduce bad decisions while making the film, especially when it comes to production design is to plan well for it. If you are breaking down a script into essential parts, you can use highlights or a tagging feature to accentuate the critical ideas and concepts. Only the ones that you would want to come through in the set, costumes, or camera angles while filming can be emphasized on. It will also help if you instruct your team members on your vision of the film and what should be done in their respective departments.

Plan Your Production

Planning also entails considering the composition of the film, which deals with camera angles. Depending on the type of set that you have established, identify all the creative angles that you could shoot a particular scene from. You can also create a mood board, which is a sort of look book containing images that would inspire the kind of mood that you are looking for in a particular scene of the movie.

Create Your own Props and production Set
Another tried and tested way to save money in film production is for you to get creative by building your own set. You might want to hire a lead set designer that could direct your crew to create the sets and props that you would need for the shoot.

Another way to lessen cost and make the production design your own is to be creative when it comes to lighting. The mood and appearance of a scene can be different when you shift the light in the room. You don’t have to buy lighting equipment as there are many lighting equipment rentals available.