July 22, 2024

Mid-Century Snapshots

For many of the so-called “baby boomers”, these vintage photos will probably jog a few memories. The one thing all these pictures share in common is television, as the family “TV” appears in every one. The photos in this collection are charming, funny, sometimes sad, and certainly nostalgic, and I think you’ll enjoy browsing through them. Unless noted otherwise, I have no information about the people or places shown here, but some descriptions include the year that was marked on the original photo. If you have suitable images in your families archives that you’d like to contribute, please, write.

Many thanks to Peter Stecher, Riverside, Calif. for this 1961 photo. Note the ship TV lamp. (probably by Marcia of Calif.)

March 1959
From March of 1959, a cool TV adorned with a great Haeger TV lamp.
Here’s a family get-together in 1962.

Nothing sets off a room like a star-burst clock!

Not many people shot color in the 1950s.

The joys of Christmas!

Prom night? Capturing the moment with a photo.

Look at that high-rise TV!

Television by RCA Victor.

Christmas morning, 1956.

A domestic scene from 1956.

Going to the chapel, 1957.

Looking sharp! Year unknown.

Sisters pose next to a ’40s-era television.

TVs were better on stilts!

The TV lamp in this 1954 photo is by American Art Potteries.

A dreamy chick in her swingin’ pad!

A family portrait from 1957.

Cute kid posing with a ship TV lamp in the background.

Check out the cool panther, a product of Gonder Ceramic Arts.

October 14th, 1962
From 1962. That’s a plastic “Rotaflex” lamp on the TV.

Here’s the same panther as in the photo above.

1955. The ship TV lamp is today owned by a grandson. Photo courtesy of Ken Alvin.

The big day.

Now this is a cool TV. (dig those crazy corner-mounted tuning knobs!)

“6 weeks old”. On back: Fox Co. San Antonio, Texas, Feb. 1955. Hand written, “Elvis & Dexter ____” (last name illegible)

Jeffrey and Candace
“Jeffrey 2½ yr., Candace 1 yr.”