November 29, 2023


A lampshade is a fixture that wraps the lightbulb on a lamp to diffuse the light it emits. They can be made out of a large variety of materials like glass, paper, fabric or stone. Lampshades can be conical or cylindrical. They can be found on desks, floors, and tabletops. Lampshades can be an excellent decorative accent that carries a color theme and incorporates a particular design style. They come in various materials, shapes, and sizes. Types of lampshades are empire lampshades, drum lampshades, oval lampshades, mini lampshades, etc. This article will explain in detail these types of lampshades.



Types of Lampshades

Empire shade

To begin with, empire lampshades are best for floor and table lamps. It is a classic style of shade that flares out on the bottom. Empire lampshades come in various sizes, from mini shades made for wall scones to large table and floor lamp shades. The degree of the slope varies, being more gentle on the mini shades and often more dramatic on larger shades. It is a timeless type of lampshade that looks simple and elegant regardless of the size. It works with any style, from modern to traditional. This type of lampshade distributes more light downward than up. They are commonly found on many traditionally styled lamps.

Drum shade

Additionally, another popular type of lampshade is drum shade. They are best for floor lamps pendant lights, and semi-flush mounts. This type of shade is shallow in height. It features a cylindrical shape that has the same top and bottom diameter. Moreover, drum shade is a versatile shade that emits as much light from the top as it does from the bottom. Drum shades give off a lot of light. This is one of the reasons why it’s a very popular type of lampshade.

Oval shade

Another type of lampshade is an oval shade.  It is ovular-shaped with a narrow depth. They are a perfect option for small spaces. Furthermore, oval lampshades have different styles, textures, and colours. They are best for decorating tables and other small areas. It is essentially an elongated version of the standard drum shade.

Mini Lamp Shade

Furthermore, mini lampshades are best for shaded candle chandeliers and wall sconces. A wall sconce has one or two mini shades. Mini shades either have an empire or round shape while most are covered in solid fabric. A shade chandelier is a traditional look and a choice for a dining room light fixture as the shades slightly dim the bright glow of the lightbulbs.

Bell Lamp Shade

Furthermore, another popular type of lampshade is the bell shade. It is suitable for floor and table tables. A bell shade is similar to an empire lampshade. Also, it flares out at the bottom but also features a curved shape. Bell shade is more traditional in style. It makes for a great decorative accent that adds a cozy warmth and atmosphere. Light is mainly produced from the bottom therefore it does not provide quite as much illumination as other lampshades do. It is a great option for ambient lighting.

Glass Lamp Shade

Lastly, a glass lampshade is another type of lampshade. It is best for table, floor, and pendant lights. This type of lampshade is mainly used for pendant lights such as those above a kitchen island. Sometimes the class is clear, other times it’s bubbled tinted, or white and is referred to as milk glass.


In conclusion, there are popular types of lampshades which are empire shade, drum shade, oval shade, mini lamp shade, and bell lamp shade. There is also glass lamp shade and these lampshades are suitable for different lamps as explained above.