May 25, 2024

It is no secret that blockbusters usually get the most attention and recognition, and low-budget films are forgotten because they are not as attractive or high-quality. While watching the film, the viewer hopes to see an impressive spectacle: high-quality special effects, famous actors, perfect directorial and technical solutions, to hear extremely impressive music. Expensive filmmakers have the opportunity not only to rent or purchase the best equipment, hire the most famous actors and a very experienced creative team, but also to reproduce the characters’ costumes as realistically as possible, get the best filming locations or use the most modern technologies for the post-production process.

On the other hand, sometimes low-budget films make their way into the film industry and attract huge interest. Not only the actors or the expensive equipment are important to making a successful film, but also the idea that can either turn the film into a work of art or completely ruin it. Low-budget movies tend to be real pearls, as they are made more from an idea than a conveyor principle. Here is a list of original and exciting films made for less than $ 1 million that not only equate to movie giants, but even surpass some.

Bronson (2008)
Bronson is a fictional-biographical drama by Danish director N. W. Refn about the well-known prisoner Michael Peterson (actor Tom Hardy), considered one of the most dangerous criminals in British history, imprisoned for various crimes for 40 years. The main actor personally interacted with the prisoner to best convey his personality and events, although Refn was only allowed to communicate over the phone since he was not a British citizen. Michael Peterson, who was only allowed to see the film in 2011, described him as theatrical, creative, and ingenious. On the other hand, the director had a budget of only $230,000. It is amazing how for such a relatively small amount it was possible to make such an incredibly good movie with a revenue of $2.3 million, and ratings of critics even exceeded the expectations.

Cube (1997)
This is a horror movie directed by Vincenzo Natali. The storyline can be described as the science fiction that talks about 6 completely different strangers imprisoned in a surreal Kafka traps trying to get out of the maze. Although the movie was filmed in 20 days and had a budget of just $350,000, it earned about $9 million globally in cinemas and became one of the most intense horror movies. According to the reviews of critics, the Cube might be considered to be a very clever and inventive thriller.

Duel (1971)
The Duel is a low-budget ($450,000) movie directed by Steven Spielberg. This thriller was shot in 16 days and the plot tells about a frightened driver being chased by a tanker driver. Critics, when evaluating the movie, emphasized the symbolism and consider it one of the best television movies. The main idea of Spielberg’s movie is to show his rebel against the industrialization and social inequality, symbolically conveying ideas from the perspective of drivers. Critics described the movie as a deadly cat-and-mouse game, a horrific imitation of reality, and a well-designed thriller movie only in open locations.