June 20, 2024

My House

This is by no means intended to show-off my collection. They’re not even displayed very well. But for whatever it’s worth, this page provides a peek into the “inner sanctum” of tvlamps.net. As a collection grows there’s inevitably a point when crisis management takes over, and additional TV lamps can no longer be assimilated without unfortunate aesthetic consequences. Apparently I am at that point, and more lamps will be accommodated with the addition of wall-mounted shelves… one of these days. Other rooms will be included on this page when (if) I find the time.

TV Lamp Display This is it gang… the hub, the nerve-center, the mission control of tvlamps.net, complete with reference books, computers, and stacks of junk! The TV lamps are by Comer Creations, Haeger Potteries, Kron/Texans Inc., McCoy, Lampcrafts, Marcia of California, Miramar of California, Claes, Gilner Potteries, Royal Fleet, California Originals and Lane & Co. Gee, I hope those shelves don’t break…
TV Lamp Display This entranceway display contains examples from Phil-Mar, Maddux, Fuhry & Sons, Hallfield, Beauceware, Kron/Texans Inc. and Hollywood Ceramics. The cool framed print is by Doug Horne.
TV Lamp Display This curio cabinet is filled to overflowing, and holds TV lamps from Claes, Kron/Texans Inc., Enchanto, Jacquelin, Lane & Co., Maddux, Phil-Mar, Luminart, Gilner and Miramar of California.
TV Lamp Display This thing makes me dizzy! I got all artsy with this display, sorting them by color and putting the winged lamps on top. There’s TV lamps from Lane & Co, Maddux, Haeger Potteries, Phil-Mar, Rosemeade, Jarra Ceramics, Beauceware, Kron/Texans Inc., Gonder, McCoy, Hollywood Ceramics, Electro Manufacturing and Modern Art Products.
TV Lamp Display Currently the table lamps have been sent into isolation under a drop-leaf table. Most of them are from Texans Incorporated, as is the funky pink ashtray/planter combination. The cat is not a lamp!
TV Lamp Display I don’t like the way lamps are so packed into this cabinet that you can’t see them, but I use this to keep some of the more valuable pieces dust-free. The Kron mallard’s look swell flying in formation in front of Mt. Rushmore, don’t they? The lamps are by Kron/Texans Inc., McCoy, Gilner, Beachcomber Potteries, Tilso, Phil-Mar, Royal Fleet, Claes and American Art Potteries.
TV Lamp Display Positively breathtaking! The mallard’s are by Texans Incorporated (Kron), and the Mount Rushmore illuminated picture is by Helmscene Products.
TV Lamp Display This used to be full of vintage hand-cut crystal and silly stuff like that… but no more! It’s neat that so many pieces of furniture have flat areas on top for TV lamp storage, a technique that I borrowed from junk shops and antique malls. The lamps represent the products of Haeger Potteries, Lane & Co., Kron/Texans Inc., Maurice of California, Claes, Esco-Lite and Maddux of California.