June 20, 2024

Table Lamps by Texans Incorporated

Well known for their TV lamps, table lamps actually made up a much larger percentage of the Texans Incorporated output. Here’s a collection of them, all designed by Howard Kron, that span 30 years of production.

Texans Incorporated Lamp This deer lamp is stylistically unique, bearing no resemblance to other Kron/Texans products. It is almost certainly an early design.
Texans Incorporated Lamp The Kron marking is clear yet subtle, and is found on the left-front of the lamp.
Texans Incorporated Lamp This lamp is the sort of modernistic design that is the hallmark of Kron/Gunter collaborations.
Texans Incorporated Lamp On the back is the RAG ® Kron marking. The RAG stands for Richard A. Gunter.
Texans Incorporated Lamp Texans Incorporated was often generous with their use of 22k gold decoration, as seen in this exotic-looking example.
Texans Incorporated Lamp Perhaps intended to monopolize on the popularity of polynesian/exotic decor, this lamp has a distinctive bamboo theme.
Texans Incorporated Lamp This Texans lamp has a bit of an Early American look.
Texans Incorporated Lamp Predominately abstract in design, this one still has textures inspired by nature.
Texans Incorporated Lamp A popular line, this lamp was produced in different sizes and is decorated with a “starlight” design.
Texans Incorporated Lamp Here’s a smaller version for use on bedside tables.
Texans Incorporated Lamp Another popular lamp, it came in blue, pink or tan.
Texans Incorporated Lamp An unusual design that is a blending of Early American and Moorish influences.
Texans Incorporated Lamp This one is no doubt an abstraction inspired by a classical harp.
Texans Incorporated Lamp Purely a decorative abstraction, this lamp has no identifiable source for the design.
Texans Incorporated Lamp A classic Howard Kron design, and one of the first things he did upon his arrival at Texans Incorporated. Although he valued classic styling, this sort of modern, abstract motif is evident in many of his best works.
Texans Incorporated Lamp Very few Texans Inc. lamps are dated, but this one is marked © Kron ’55.
Texans Incorporated Lamp I love this one! As with the previous lamp, it’s marked © Kron ’55. Photo courtesy of David Cole from Bangs, Texas.
Texans Incorporated Lamp A pair of small turquoise lamps by Texans Inc.
Texans Incorporated Lamp Using a drip-glaze that could have been inspired by his days with Midwest Potteries in Morton, Illinois, this is one of the less-common Texans lamps.
Texans Incorporated Lamp It has a very sharp, clear ® Kron marking.
Texans Incorporated Lamp I believe this particular design was produced for almost 30 years beginning in the ’50s.
Texans Incorporated Lamp A style that dates from the late ’70s, when lamps got big.
Texans Incorporated Lamp A fanciful lamp/table combo for a child’s room, this was without a doubt the most ambitious design ever created by Howard Kron. Its sheer size and intricacy of design made production difficult, and the 1971 fire destroyed the Texans Inc. plant before the problems could be resolved. It was never distributed to retailers. Photos courtesy of Barbara Bates of Bryan, Texas.
Texans Incorporated Lamp The “Clown and Elephant” lamp shown in these photos is the only complete example known to exist, but another clown/support, flawed during firing and minus the table and elephant/lamp portion, is in the David Cole Collection.
Texans Incorporated Lamp It had long been assumed that none of the elephant/lamps survived, but thankfully this single example has surfaced. It clearly shows Kron’s love of childrens themes, not to mention his aptitude for cartoon rendering.