June 20, 2024

Tell me again why I stopped doing this?

Let me start by saying that 2007 was a really crappy year for me, on many levels. As far as tvlamps.net was concerned, I tried some things that, well… just didn’t work. I got the idea that the News Log could be replaced with a Forum, an avenue for public communication between TV lamp fans. My thinking was to take things to the next level, and I felt that there were enough TV lamp collectors around to support a forum. But for some reason it just never took off. The number of readers (non-posting visitors) was huge, but postings were few and far between. It seemed that myself and a small handful of enthusiastic members (particularly the late Charlene Korcz) would do most of the posting, and at best it was a forum of three or four active participants.
While that floundered I started a WordPress blog that, although similar in nature to the original News Log, just didn’t feel right. It didn’t have “the look”, and I find wrestling with the pseudo-html used by WordPress to be a wholly unsatisfying experience. It was soon obvious that neither the forum nor the blog were suitable replacements for the popular News Log. Not only was the old News Log popular but, and this is important, I liked it. I hashed over all this with my buddy David Cole, and he agreed that I should rewind things a bit.
This time the News Log has a different name, the TvLamps.net Newsletter. Catchy, eh? In most other respects the Newsletter will have a familiar feel for those who remember the News Log, with similar content to its predecessor. Besides sharing whatever pops into my head, I’ll be announcing website additions, reporting on recent auction activity, and sharing my research into TV lamps and their manufacturers. The blog and Forum will be retained for archival purposes, but will no longer be supported. (I will establish a “graveyard” to house the old stuff) I’ll also keep the old News Log pages on-line, and have included links to them at the bottom of this Newsletter. As always, I welcome any thoughts regarding these changes. You know the drill… e-mail, baby!