June 20, 2024

Texans Reunion Poster

The 2009 Texans Incorporated Reunion is almost six months away, but I’m already feverishly working on a poster for the event. I thought I’d share some of my “prototypes”, this one having been inspired by a vintage flier promoting a Little Richard concert. In fact, old rock & roll posters are influencing much of my design-work lately, the mid-century artwork being well-suited to the TV lamp theme.
The process of making these graphics is going a little slower than usual, as I’m using a different Photoshop than I’m accustomed to. I’m now using Adobe Photoshop CS4 on a Mac, and I’m finding a significant number of differences between this setup and my past experience with CS3 on a Windows-based machine. But I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it, and even find that the change prompts me to see things differently, to follow a new creative path.
Since I have plenty of time, I’ll be whipping up a number of ideas to show David Cole, the organizer of the Texans reunions, and hopefully he’ll find one that’s suitable. I’ll be honing my Photoshop skills by experimenting with these posters, and any that I find interesting will be posted here in the Newsletter. If you happen to notice the lack of particulars on the posters (such as the times), keep in mind that they are just layout experiments with little consideration given to the text at this point. (although I’m not above forgetting to include critical information on the final version!) As always, you are welcome to provide feedback via e-mail.