May 25, 2024
Vintage TV Lamp

Vintage TV Lamp

Vintage TV lamps, with their unique designs and nostalgic appeal, have become highly sought-after collectibles. To understand the world of vintage TV lamp collecting, it’s essential to explore the prominent brands and manufacturers that produced these captivating pieces. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most renowned vintage TV lamp brands, providing insights into their history and contributions to this fascinating niche.

Vintage TV Lamp
Vintage TV Lamp

Haeger Potteries

Haeger Potteries One of the most iconic names in the vintage TV lamp world is Haeger Potteries. Established in 1871, this American pottery company has a rich heritage of crafting ceramic products. In the 1950s, Haeger Potteries ventured into the production of TV lamps. Hence, creating a range of stunning designs that often featured animals, abstract shapes, and modernist aesthetics.

Lane & Co.

Lane & Co. was a California-based pottery company that gained recognition for its exquisite TV lamp creations. Their designs often depicted animals, including panthers, horses, and birds. Lane & Co.

Maddux of California

Maddux of California produced an array of TV lamps featuring animals, people, and abstract forms.

Royal Haeger

A division of Haeger Potteries, Royal Haeger specialises in creating decorative ceramic pieces, including TV lamps. Collectors appreciate Royal Haeger TV lamps for their artistic and eye-catching appearance.

Lane Ceramic Art Lane Ceramic Art, a subsidiary of Lane & Co., produced TV lamps with a focus on wildlife and natural themes. These lamps featured animals like deer, pheasants, and fish, appealing to nature enthusiasts. And collectors interested in vintage TV lamps with a rustic touch.

McCoy Pottery

While primarily recognized for its functional pottery, McCoy Pottery also dabbled in the production of TV lamps. Their designs often incorporated smooth, organic shapes and earthy colours, catering to collectors who appreciate a more rustic and natural aesthetic.

Abingdon Potteries

Abingdon Potteries, based in Illinois, produced a range of ceramic TV lamps featuring animals, including horses and swans.

Red Wing Pottery

Red Wing Pottery, a Minnesota-based company, crafted TV lamps with a focus on nature-inspired designs. Their lamps often featured ducks, deer, and other wildlife, celebrating the beauty of the great outdoors.


A collaboration between McCoy Pottery and Arnel’s Ceramics resulted in a line of TV lamps that combined McCoy’s classic designs with Arnel’s unique glazing techniques.

Camark Pottery

Camark Pottery, based in Arkansas, produced TV lamps featuring classic American designs and symbols. Collectors appreciate Camark’s patriotic themes, including eagles and American flags, as well as their elegant and traditional styles.

Hollywood Ceramics

Hollywood Ceramics, located in California, contributed to the vintage TV lamp market with designs that often incorporated Hollywood glamour and retro style. Their lamps featured Hollywood stars, movie cameras, and other symbols of the entertainment industry.


Conclusion The world of vintage TV lamp collecting offers a captivating journey through mid-20th-century American design and culture. The brands and manufacturers mentioned in this article played a significant role in shaping the TV lamp market during its heyday. Today, these vintage TV lamps continue to evoke nostalgia and charm collectors with their unique designs and timeless appeal. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just beginning to explore this fascinating hobby. Hence, understanding the brands and manufacturers behind these collectibles adds depth to your appreciation of vintage TV lamps.

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