June 20, 2024

Why B Movies Have a Bad Reputation

Hollywood has been making movies for over a century. Some movies are now being made by almost every person you see on the road. Video and films have become a thing so inclusive that every person with a mobile phone or a simple camera and a great idea can come up with a movie plot and get it produced even. However, for the film industry around the world, Hollywood takes front and centre stage in its reputation for making the most number of movies thus far. Some movies are fantastic and some movies are not so great. Everyone who watches a film that is on the Hollywood scene. Some movies are it to be the best of the best. However, now every movie that is made by Hollywood is excellent and this is especially true when it comes to B-movies that are made by Hollywood. Often people wonder why Hollywood even bothers with making B movie when they know that it would make any money. Some audiences are also pushed to the point of anger because the movie that they wait to see for years turns out to be a bad B movie that they wish they never saw. There is a reason why these B movies have a bad reputation; else they would not be mocked with the title as they do now.

The most important part of making a movie is finance. There is little that directors and writers can do when the producer of the film demands that he would play an essential part in the making of the film instead of being the producing front and working along with the team. This can be tricky for the movie makers as there is little confidence in getting their movie across, and first-time directors and writers are more than happy to please their producers. In the end, the producer lands up doing the job of the director and the movie goes downhill. Producers are delighted to even see a little loss in the movies that they make to write off in tax, but directors and writers are the ones who have to live with the reputation.

Aiming International
Some teams of moviemakers believe that their movie is destined for an international audience. They believe with all their heart that the viewers will love it and think of making it as simple as possible for everyone to understand. The concept of first developing for a country before developing for the international circuit is lost. In short, everything gets lost in translation, and the movie turns out to be a mixture of confusion and poorly placed shots.

Movies Get Killed Midway
There is an umpteen number of things that can go wrong with movie-making. Producers can run out of money, someone might pass, or some lawsuit might cause everything to stop. Sometimes, moviemakers get stuck midway with the plot of the movie and just don’t know how to proceed and stop. If any of these are to go by, then a movie might need to be finished halfway and wound up. The marketing and distribution budgets are exhausted in hopes of making what little they can out of it, and the team walks away.